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Rice Noodles under Banyan Tree


Updates : 2016-05-10


TEL 0963-148519
Certification 101 Huatung Pearls

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  • Debbie L

    Greater Melbourne, Australia

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    Yummy noodles

    Traveler rating:5 2019-05

    The only reason for you to come here is the noodles. And that's enough reason. The small needle shaped noodles are silky smooth and so delicious when served with hot broth and your choice of side dishes like tofu, mushrooms and greens.
  • wukongsun

    Burnaby, Canada

    Traveler type:


    Wonderful noodle soup & efficient sevice

    Traveler rating:5 2019-03

    The heavy line up after 6pm by locals is a good testimony to the quality of the food. My little family (2 + teen) enjoyed our large bowls of soup noodle plus the owner came out to greet us.
  • EricJ503

    San Francisco, California

    Traveler type:


    Delicious street food

    Traveler rating:5 2019-01

    I agree it is a little bit salty and greasy, but it is absolutely delicious The fatty pork is cooked perfectly We thoroughly enjoy this local joint
  • yipaoc

    Huntington, West Virginia

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Super greasy noodle soup and spoiled seaweed

    Traveler rating:1 2018-12

    We came to this "famous" place for dinner. Since there was no seating service, we thought no vacant seats were available and decided to order takeouts. When we got back to the hotel and started to enjoy our dinner, we realized they did not give us all the food we ordered. The broth of rice noodle soup was extremely greasy and the noodle had no texture. The side dish consisted of spoiled seaweed. The fish was not cooked properly and was very dry. Would I recommend this place? I guess not.
  • DolphinyDolphiny

    Singapore, Singapore

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    Traveler rating:4 2018-11

    Delicious local food with side dishes. I simply love the big intestines! Their chilli is a MUST TRY for all chilli lovers!!

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