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  • CWXshooter

    Was in Taiwan for a cycling tour. Set aside some time to meet an old friend. Asked me what I would like for lunch.

    Traveler rating:5 2018-12

    Friend (local) brought me to this little eatery. It is like a no-frills restaurant next to the harbour. What was amazing is that they serve the catch of the day (literally). Seafood from the sea to the table. It was so fresh that we had almost everything uncooked. Awesome place for the freshest seafood. The ambiance is relaxed but please do not expect fine dining standards. It is a place where the locals go to for the best stuff.
  • esiotrot_84


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    Fresh Seafood

    Traveler rating:4 2016-04

    I read about this place as one of the go-to for good and cheap seafood and it was also recommended by our b&b's owner hence we went over for dinner. Disclaimer: The period I went clashed with a 4-day public holiday in Taiwan. When we reached around 645, it was a mayhem. There were a few large groups gathering outside the shop, trying to get the staff's attention so that they can be seated. There was no queue system and the staff are busy fluttering from table to kitchen, taking order or serving dishes or helping customers catch live seafood or clearing tables to sit another group of guests. There's seating space on level 2 and it was packed so that could only mean people really have their dinner early around here. The staff communicated via earpiece but even so, it was unorderly. A couple which arrived later than us was almost seated before us because they managed to catch the staff and asked for a seat just when a couple finished their food. I interjected and the couple was nice enough to agree we were there first hence we were seated instead. We shared tables with another couple who was obviously flustered with the chaotic situation, resulting in their food delayed. One of the dish they ordered was also out of stock since the afternoon but they weren't informed. We were given both an order form and a menu which is a duplicate of the order form but with prices of each dish. We ordered sashimi, steamed fish, stir-fried cabbage and stir-fried wild boar's meat. The sashimi, being the easiest to prepare, arrived first. It was fresh but lacked variety. Its cost was 150NT. Next came the fish which was very fresh and the flesh was tender. It cost 380NT. The wild boar meat came last, after the vegetables. Food was rather flavourful and I reckoned it's because they added quite alot of salt. Wild boar meat was oily and the meat's tougher than pork. We paid a total of 1050NT which is very reasonable, considering the generous amount they served. The restaurant resumed peace around 73o so it might be a better time to come later to avoid the craze and crowd. However, be prepared for the lack of several seafood that may have run out throughout the day and earlier evening.
  • kaochi432


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    Traveler rating:5 2019-08

  • yihsinL14

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    Traveler rating:4 2019-07

    ランチテーブルディッシュ4000、新鮮な食材、おいしいスープ、温かいもてなし、サービス料なし、次回は涼しい人が過ごす 魚に戻って肉を見つけることができない2つのアイスミートを食べるこの写真に刺身の束が見ましたか?刺身は食べるには多すぎ、新鮮な魚の頭は味噌汁を作るために使われます。 ロブスターの頭を合わせて調理するのを忘れたのは祖父だけでした。
  • WangW285

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    Traveler rating:4 2019-05

    もともとグーグルは反対の福岡のシーフードで食べようとしていました、しかし、海、海の港の男性と女性が彼に迎えられると、彼は食べ物に入ることにしました。 ロングテールの鳥、魚、肉、やわらかい肉、揚げた小さなロールを紹介しますゴマ油を豚肉のように初めて味わうとき、他の普通の味の場合、合計価格は1400ドルです港湾側のシーフードは新鮮です。 また、価格は安くないようです。

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