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When you visit Taitung there are so many tasty foods you must try

Such as short rice noodles; they are pleasantly chewy, and served with a tasty soup with a sprinkling of shaved fish on top; there's also pig blood soup called Mother's Secret Dish by locals which is soft and smooth and tasty, a taste of old-time Taiwan. There are also steamed buns, meat balls, and stinky tofu and beef noodles, all local dishes that you will remember.

  • Short Rice Noodles

    Short Rice Noodles

    There are two famous short rice noodles diners in Taitung City.It is made of sweet potato flour and indica rice in a specific proportion.Short rice noodles have to be cooked in boiling water for smooth and chewy texture. The light-tasting soup is served with ground pork sauce,butterflyfish flakes and soybean sauce-marinated eggs,which has been the favorite traditional taste over the last 50 years in Taitung.

  • Beinan Pig Blood Jelly Delicacy Soup

    Beinan Pig Blood Jelly Delicacy Soup

    With almost half century of history,Beinan pig blood jelly soup is called mommy's family dish,for its traditional and good taste. The soup is comprised of multiple freshly made ingredients,including pig blood chunks,pig intestine,leeks,and pickle vegetable. Don’t forget to order a chewy sticky rice sausage. These two dishes ordered together make it a delicious and filled-up meal.

  • Beef Noodles

    Beef Noodles

    Beef noodles is one of the best known dishes of Taiwan, is well-known internationally for its unique flavor and is very popular with visitors to Taiwan. The soup of Taitung's beef noodles is rich and tasty, the meat is tender and flavorsome, the noodles are pleasantly chewy; a bowl of beef noodles is well worth putting on your list of tasty dishes that will fill you up for a reasonable price.

  • Indigenous Cuisines

    Indigenous Cuisines

    The special feature of aboriginal cuisine is that ingredients are locally sourced, foodstuffs from nature used to make delicious dishes; one dish is Ah-bai, glutinous rice, millet and wild boar meat wrapped in a galangal leaf, which a kind of aborigine zongzi glutinous rice dumpling, that has a unique style and taste. When in Taitung you just have to try the local aborigine cuisine and enjoy a dining experience with a difference.

  • Steamed Buns

    Steamed Buns

    The steamed buns of Donghe and Beinan are renowned far and wide, the unique preparation method and the use of fine quality ingredients making the shell soft but chewy and the filling tender and juicy. There are also cabbage, spring onion pickled vegetable, taro and red bean steamed buns to choose from. Steamed buns are a distinctive local snack that visitors just have to try.

  • Taiwanese Meatballs

    Taiwanese Meatballs

    Taitung's Taiwanese meatballs are very famous in the world of snacks. The shell is chewy and the filling made from quality pork pieces; the meatballs are served covered in a special sauce and are irresistible. When in Taitung, as well as enjoying the scenery, don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of these tasty meatballs, made with quality ingredients and sold at a reasonable price.

  • Glutinous Rice Balls

    Glutinous Rice Balls

    Glutinous rice balls, made by hand, are the ideal after meal sweet. They are made in peanut, red bean, mung bean and other flavors, using only natural ingredients and have no artificial flavorings. Because of their taste and never-changing quality they enjoy a good reputation that has been built by word of mouth.

  • Stinky Tofu

    Stinky Tofu

    Taitung's famous stinky tofu, with its rich fermented taste and crispy texture on the outside, is served with spicy and crispy pickled cabbage and covered with special sauce and garlic taste;when you take a bite into the crispy on the outside, soft on the inside tofu, juice spreads in all directions;this is local snacks that food lovers just can’t miss. Some stinky tofu sellers offer a refrigerated home delivery service so that people can enjoy it even when they are at home outside Taitung County.