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It is a story about a girl from Beijing chasing the hot air balloon in Taitiung……



Posted Unit:Taitung County Government



Deni is getting ready to finish her courses at Feng Chia University as an exchange student in two weeks. On 6/5 she came to Taitung from Taichung by train and arrived at the Luye Gaotai in the early morning on 6/6. This is her 3rd time to Taitung. She has longed for experiencing the hot air balloons. When she arrived at the venue of the event, she was the first and only one in line to buy the ticket for tethering ride. Even alone with fear, she waited and waited until the day was dawning. However, the weather seemed to test her patience and make her wait for 2 days. She tried to save her money to make the last try. She prayed sincerely but the weather still failed her. While she cried and almost gave up on the hot air balloon tethering, one of our pilot from Australia, Peter Dutneall, heard about her story and said that he would like to invite her to fly with him as VIP the next morning. The good will was approved by the event organizer. One owner of a B & B provided a room for her to stay for one more night. A taxi driver was willing to give her a free ride to train station. She said the most beautiful scenery in Taitung is the hospitality and kindness of the people here. She promised to come back to visit Taitung every year. 

The hot air balloon dream has finally come true for Deni. We sincerely hope that every one of you will fulfill your dreams and never give up.