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2021Taiwan International Balloon Festival



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🌟Great news for you🌟

We are sharing with you secret tips to watch hot air balloons in the comfort of your home.
Since this year’s Taitung Balloon Festival is exclusive to locals, people outside of Taitung are dying to see the balloon actions in real-time. Don’t worry, we’ve got two secret tips for you to watch the hot air balloons soar into the sky without you leaving your home!
Tip 1☝️
🔺Click the link below to see the live streaming footage of Luye Highland on the Taitung Travel site. Voila! The spectacular view of colorful balloons right at your fingertips. You can also find live streaming webcams at other scenic spots on the site. Click the link and have fun enjoying the beauty of Taitung at home!
Tip 2✌️
🔺Download the Taitung Travel App and go to the Hot Air Balloon Section. While taking in the scenery with hot air balloons, you can also catch up on events happening in Taitung. With the App, no one knows more about Taiwan than you do. Download Taitung Travel App right now!
We’d like to share with you the balloons and sky of Taitung through these two tips. We hope to see you soon in person in Taitung after the pandemic.
Taiwan International Balloon Festival invites you to watch hot air balloons at home and still have fun.🎈

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