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2020 Taiwan International Balloon Festival



Posted Unit:Taitung County Government




#2020 Taiwan International Balloon Festival ended on a high note! 🎊

We recorded  the best moments during the 51 days of festivity 🎈 for all of you who missed the festival at #Luye Highland or those who have been there and would like to experience the great moments again. 😍

In the 51 sunrises and sunsets at #LuyeHighland, we welcomed new friends including the English bulldog, Japanese panda, and Dutch rooster.

We also had the first #BirthdayCakeBalloon, celebrating the first #10thAnniversery. 🎂

During COVID-19 global pandemic, we celebrated the first 10th anniversary in 2020. 👍

With the great efforts from the central flight commander and the staff, as well as the support of our fans, 2020 Taiwan International Balloon Festival is the only hot air balloon festival that was successfully held this year in the world. 🎉

We are eager to welcome the second and third decades! 💪

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