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Taiwan’s largest international surfing sports event over the years-Taiwan Open of Surfing 2019 returns from Nov. 23 to Dec. 7



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Rushing to the World’s Peak:  Taiwan’s largest international surfing sports event over the years
[Dual World Championships + QS3000 Men's Shortboard]
Taiwan Open of Surfing 2019 returns from Nov. 23 to Dec. 7

Kicking off at Jinzun Harbor on November 23, the 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing runs until December 7. In cooperation with the World Surfing League (WSL), the World Longboard Championship and World Junior Surfing Championship will once again take place. The dual championships were held for the first time in 2018 and set a new record in the world of surfing. As a coveted surfing venue, Jinzun Harbor has been well received by international surfers. Executive Yuan awarded the Taiwan Open of Surfing with the Government Service Award. Additionally, the Sports Administration selected it as one of the top 12 from 100 events held in Taiwan this year. There is much anticipation by Taiwanese surfers, international contestants, and even the general public as the biggest surfing event in Taiwan approaches. Entering its ninth year, the 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing once again calls on surfers from around the world to come to Jinzun Harbor to battle it out on the waves. In addition to the two international championships, the QS3000 Men’s Shortboard qualifier will also be held. Hailing from 29 countries, 300 domestic and foreign surfers will gather in Taitung. The number of famous surfers who will attend are too numerous to mention individually. Some of the well-known names are those from the 2019 global championship tour (CT) competition, some of the top 100 globally ranked surfers, top performers preparing for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics, and even online celebrities will all be in attendence. The Taiwan Open of Surfing 2019 will allow them to show off their great strength and superb skills while competing at one of the world’s four major surfing events this year.

The topography of Jinzun Harbor creates exceptional conditions for surfing. This location has not only been the venue for hosting nine years of the Taiwan Open of Surfing but is a desirable surfing hot spot for international surfers. In order to encourage more participation from Taiwanese athletes, the grand prize has been nearly doubled – increasing from NT$250,000 to NT$400,000. The grand prize this year breaks the record for the largest cash prize of any surfing-related event ever held in Taiwan and is nearly comparable with prizes in other international surfing competitions held abroad. This event also adopts the WSL prize system, which awards equal prize money for male and female athletes. This system aligns with the vision of major international events in terms of greater gender equality and marks a milestone in the ninth year of the event.
In addition to the surfing competitions, foreign and domestic surfers are invited to participate in the Campus Sharing Session and Autograph Signing Session. The “Marine Resources Education Experience” will also be held in cooperation with WSL PURE for the first time. It will let the public enjoy the exciting surfing competition and learn about environmental awareness related to marine resources. Other activities include a “Surfing Market,” which allows visitors to taste the delicious slow food provided by local restaurants. “Fun Surfing” will give visitors a chance to make reservations for SUP (Standup paddleboarding) lessons. In addition, visitors are invited to sign up for the seasonal surfing packages provided by travel agencies in Taitung County. These packages allow one to enjoy the scenery and local culture alongside the excitement of the competition.

          The 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing is the biggest water-based sporting event in Taiwan this year. The LoI signed between Taitung County Government and WSL ensures that the three major events will also be held in 2020. This event has brought about growth and cooperation in the surf industry and also attracted the full support of domestic businesses. Some of these include HeySong FIN, Decathlon, Roxy&Quiksilver, Pxmart, CHUN YANG, Gaya Hotel and Monster Energy. This year’s competition will be broadcasted on Sportcast Channel for the first time. Drawing some of the biggest names in the surf world, this event is not one to be missed. Be sure to set aside some time between November 23 to December 7 to make it down to Jinzun Harbor and enjoy the thrill and excitement of biggest surfing competition of the year.  For more information,  check out the official website or Facebook fan page.

Please visit the official website and FB fan page for event details and latest news
      Official website: www.taiwanopenofsurfing.org/
      FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/taiwanopenofsurfing/

Taiwan Open of Surfing Schedule
Taiwan Open of Surfing ScheduleTaiwan Open of Surfing ScheduleTaiwan Open of Surfing Schedule

Taiwan Open of Surfing Shuttle Bus TimetableTaiwan Open of Surfing Shuttle Bus Timetable


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