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Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival Brings Lasting Joy Nine Happy Themes to Create a Happy Hot Air Balloon Dreamland



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Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival


As we anticipate the 9th annual Taiwan International Balloon Festival, a national press conference will be held in the morning of June 5th at Taitung  Luye Highlands, and the official announcement for the theme of the 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will be made – “Long Lasting Happiness, Childhood Dreamland”. This event will focus on the “Nine Long Lasting Happiness Theme Activities”, which aims to create an atmosphere full of happiness and childhood fun in the Luye Highlands Hot Air Balloon Dreamland. The festival will last for 45 consecutive days from June 29th to August 12th, promising to make summer in Taiwan more exciting and fun.

This year the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival especially features hot air balloons with popular characters around the world to gather at Taitung’s Luye Highlands, including the most popular character among children – Sponge Bob, The Smurfs that grew up with our friends in the 60s, Peter Parrot Pirate, Japan’s Ebisu, Three Little Bees, and the hamburger lover, Ronald McDonald. Since this year is the Year of the Pig, the cute and healing Farmer Pig and Show Lo, nicknamed “Sunglasses Little Pig”, are invited to create the story of Three Little Pigs with visitors born in the Year of the Pig. Of course Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassador “Oh Bear” and the “PX Mart Bear” will also be at the Luye Highlands to spend some fun times with you. More than 40 popular character hot air balloons from all over the world will gather at the 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival to bring you happiness.

In addition, the most requested event each year – The Hot Air Balloon Festival Night Glow Concert – will take on some new challenges in Taitung this year. Besides continuing to hold concerts in previous locations: Luye Highlands, Sanxiantai, Dapo Pond in Chishang, Millennium Dawn Memorial Park in Taimali, and Zhiben Hot Spring, the new challenge this year is to hold a concert at the Green Island, renown for its beautiful natural scenery, and enjoy a dreamy musical summer night concert under the star-lit sky. Also, besides Sanxiantai and the Millennium Dawn Memorial Park in Taimali, the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Concert will hold its first concert in the Dawu Coast Park (Provincial Highway 9, 437 km), and welcome the break of dawn in the spacious open space by the Pacific Ocean. Starting June 29, there will be one Hot Air Balloon Festival Night Glow Concert each Saturday for a total of 8 consecutive concerts during this festival period. Each concert will feature different hot air balloon characters and amazing performances. Taitung will be immersed in a scene of hot air balloons with the most beautiful scenic backdrops. The 8 concerts will feature popular stars such as Nine One One (a Rap music group), Ivy Shao and BCW from Taitung’s Dawu Township, each promising to deliver brilliant performances. Last but not least, well-known local artists and performance groups in Taitung are invited to each Night Glow Concert to present a perfect combination of sight and sound enjoyment. In response to this year’s theme - “Nine Long Lasting Happiness Theme Activities” – an additional 9th show and “Encore” music light show, will be held on August 16 at the Taitung County Stadium. Visitors will no doubt feel the happiness in the air.

Tickets are highly sought after for the hot air balloon experience, which is the main event of the Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival. From June 29 afternoon to August 12, there will be a morning and afternoon hot air balloon time slot each day. Morning slot is from 5:30am to 7:00am, and afternoon slot is from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Tickets are sold daily at the event site of the Taitung Luye Highlands, or can be reserved at the Taitung Funcard website. There will be an exclusive line for reserved ticket holders at the event site. Ticket reservation is limited to 80 people per time slot. Tickets can be purchased in 3 different stages. Tickets for June 29 afternoon slot to July 13 slots are available for sale from June 10, 12:00pm to June 23, 6:00pm. Tickets for July 14 to July 28 slots are available for sale from June 17, 12:00pm to June 30, 6:00pm. Tickets for July 29 to August 12 slots are available for sale from June 24, 12:00pm to July 7, 6:00pm. There’s a limit of 2 tickets per purchase. Online ticket purchase price is NT$550/person on Monday to Thursday, and NT$650/person on Friday to Sunday. After purchasing tickets on the Taitung Funcard website, visitor can show their QR code at admission. There are limited spots and no new tickets will be issued once they’re sold out.

Besides having a birds-eye view experience, there will also be popular characters hot air balloons from all over the world at this festival. As we approach the 9th annual hot air balloon festival, many brand new elements will be added.  Besides the Hot Air Balloon Amusement Park which families love, we have added a must-not-miss “Love Theme Day” and “Hot Air Balloon Starry Sky Café” for couples. Visitors can overlook the Luye Highlands as they sip their coffee and enjoy all the colorful hot air balloons floating high above the broad grassland. But first and foremost, delicious food must not be missed. Bring your sunglasses, umbrellas and picnic blanket, and join the Hot Air Balloon Picnic Day. The Hot Air Balloon Fair will feature unique local Taiwanese cuisines and allow visitors to have a comprehensive recreation experience day and night at the 2019 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

When you come to the Luye Highlands grassland, besides beautiful starry skies at night, there are colorful, dreamy, beautiful giant hot air balloons in the air during the day. If you have not planned your summer yet, please do not miss the 2019 Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Luye Highlands.  Enjoy a hot balloon date on the most natural and comfortable Luye Highlands lush green grassland.

※    熱氣球光雕音樂會場次
※    Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Concerts
(1)    6/29(六) 19:00 鹿野鄉 鹿野高台(開幕光雕音樂會)
June 29 (Saturday) 7:00pm Luye Highlands, Luye Township (Night Glow Concert Opening)
(2)    7/06(六) 04:00 成功鎮 三仙台-日出光雕
July 6 (Saturday) 4:00am Sanxiantai, Chenggong Township (Sunrise Light & Music Concert)
(3)    7/13(六) 19:00 綠島鄉 綠島
July 13 (Saturday) 7:00pm Green Island, Green Island Township
(4)    7/20(六) 19:00 池上鄉 池上大坡池
July 20 (Saturday) 7:00pm Dapo Pond, Chishang, Chishang Township
(5)    7/27(六) 19:00 卑南鄉 知本溫泉區
July 27 (Saturday) 7:00pm Zhiben Hot Spring, Beinan Township
(6)    8/03(六) 04:00 太麻里鄉 太麻里曙光園區-日出光雕
August 3 (Saturday) 4:00am Millennium Dawn Memorial Park, Taimali, Taimali Township – Sunrise Light & Music Concert
(7)    8/10(六) 04:00 大武鄉 尚武海濱公園(臺九線437K)-日出光雕
August (Saturday) 7:00pm Dawu Coast Park (Provincial Highway 9, 437km), Dawu Township – Sunset Light & Music Concert
(8)    8/12(一) 19:00 鹿野鄉 鹿野高台(閉幕光雕音樂會)
August 12 (Monday) 7:00pm Luye Highlands, Luye Township (Closing Night Glow Concert)
(9)    8/16(五) 19:00 臺東市區體育場(安可光雕音樂會)
August 16 (Friday) 7:00pm Taitung County Stadium (Encore Night Glow Concert)

※    熱氣球繫留體驗時間
※    Hot Air Balloon Ride Time Slots
Time: June 29, 2019 – August 12, 2019
    上午場:AM05:30-07:00 | AM05:00開始售票
Morning slot: 5:30am – 7:00am / ticket sale starts at 5:00am
    下午場:PM17:00-19:00 | PM16:00開始售票
Afternoon slot: 5:00pm – 7:00pm / ticket sale starts at 4:00pm
(On 6/29, opening day, only afternoon slots are available)

※    活動詳情及最新消息請見官方網站、FB粉絲專頁及IG
For event details and latest news, please visit official website, FB page and IG.
Official website: http://balloontaiwan.taitung.gov.tw/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/balloontaiwan/
Instagram: taiwanballoonfestival
Taitung Funcard: https://taitung.funcard.com.tw/