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Taiwan's Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival Fires up on June 29



Posted Unit:Taitung County Government



Taiwan International Balloon Festival will last a total of 45 days this year

Eastern Taiwan's 2019 Taitung International Balloon Festival will be taking off on June 29 on Luye Highland and will be extended an extra week to a total of 45 days.
Taiwan International Balloon Festival normally runs for 38 days. However, to attract travelers from all over the world to enjoy Taitung's stunning scenery—the innovative and colorful balloons floating in the sky, and bring people happiness, Taitung County Magistrate April Yao (Yao Ching Ling饒慶鈴) decided to add an extra week to the festival in 2019 that make it run from June 29 to Aug.12

The annual Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taitung County has been listed among the top 12 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Festivals around the world by the Travel Channel in 2018. Taitung County government warmly welcomes everyone to enjoy the life time memorable experience in Taitung.