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Slow Food, Leading You to Learn The True Taste of Taitung



Posted Unit:Taitung County Government



From 2012, Taitung Slow Food movement began under the leading of Taitunggovernment. Not only focusing on the concepts such as “from farm to table”, “eat locally” and encouraging restaurants to use local ingredients, the movement also emphasizes on presenting Taitung lifestyle and food culture through local cuisine. Since then, chefs in Taitung are more often to find food traditions and culinary habits in tribes and the meaning of a dish, even more, to tell stories through food. Chefs devoting into the slow food movement are especially being aware of environment and local culture. They are willing to share their own tradition and more willing to interact with customers.

“2018 Taitung Slow Food Select” introduces restaurants which are truly practicing slow food concepts, and give you an in depth guidance to Taitung gourmet. It leads you to enjoy the combination of flavor and the pure taste of fresh natural food. It brings you to learn the wisdom of traditional ingredients and culinary skills. It takes you to experience a slow, humble and simple lifestyle which uniquely belongs to Taitung people.

Each selected chef owns different story and personality, but the same passionate and persistency to food. Welcome to enjoy the taste of this pure land. Through dining, let us introduce you the stories of people who live in this beautiful Taitung.

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