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2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival Will Come on Stage Dramatically from June 30 to August 13



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2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival Will Come on Stage Dramatically from June 30 to August 13“Spend Burning Hot Summers with Colorful Stylish Hot Air Balloons”

The annual Taiwan International Balloon Festival will be grandly held in Luye Highland from June 30 to August 13 for 45 days long. This is the eighth year that Taiwan International Balloon Festival takes place. It will also be the highest number of special-shape balloons (39 balloons) shown up together. On the other hand, Night Glow Concerts will be held in those classical fields, including Sansiantai, Dapo Lake in Chishang, The Aurora Garden in Taimali, Chih-Pen Hot Spring Area. Except the classical fields, it will be the first time that Night Glow Concert takes place in Library and Information Center of the main campus of the National Taitung University, which was voted for the top of 8 of the most beautiful libraries in the world, so that every visitor immerse in the atmosphere of literary connoisseur and romance. What’s more, when backtracking to 2013, there was a Night Glow Concert held in Zhi-Hang Air Force Base which made a splash! So this year, we will cooperate with Zhi-Hang Air Force Base again and let every visitor can catch the picture in combination with the ambitious commissioned fighter of National Military and the gorgeous hot air balloons. In 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, there are 8 Night Glow Concerts in total will be held. Don’t miss any of their splendidness and diversity.

In 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, the special-shaped hot air balloons can trigger heated discussion because the historical highest number of balloons (39 balloons) invited to Taiwan and the fame of these stylish balloons. We especially invited dozens of popular hot air balloons all over the world, such as “Minions” deeply loved by children, “UP”, “Royal Elephant Ball”, “German Orient Express”, “Three bees”, and the back-stage classical balloons- “Arky”, “Tiger Tony” and “British soldiers” which have created many memories with us. And for welcoming the year of dog, we invited “English Bulldogs” to spread out happiness in 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival, which would be its debut in the world. Moreover, Taiwan Tourism Ambassador “OhBear” and PX Mart “One Two Bear” will be on site to meet you all.

Over the years, tethered balloon rides and special-shaped hot air balloons are always the highlights of Taiwan International Balloon Festival. “Fly for dreams” is the instinct of people, and tethered balloon rides can not only provide the overview of the beauty of Luye Highland, but give passengers a bird’s eye view of Taiwan. Moreover, it can make people full heart satisfied with the eager of flying. Each year, it is difficult to get tickets of tethered balloon rides because the tickets are hot sales, and Taitung County government warmly reminds that tethered balloon rides activity is divided into two periods, in the morning and in the afternoon. The time is respectively 5:30 - 7:00 in the morning and 17:00 - 19:00 in the afternoon. The activities in 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival are more diverse. In addition to the “Free Flying” and the experience of “Tethered balloon Ride”, the most beautiful, natural and comfortable "Prairie Concerts" will take place in the festival. Prairie concerts put the basis of the earth as the most beautiful background and let you bring your sunglasses, parasol and picnic mat to enjoy "Hot-air Balloon Picnic Day" for sharing music and food. "You Can Fly - Virtual Reality VR Experience", the 360-degree view of the landscape, "pursuit of happiness wedding photography" which no couples should miss, as well as unique Taiwanese cuisine, "Hot Air Balloon Marketplace" will also be launched in sequence. The visitors will enjoy the full range of day and night recreation experience in 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival.

The 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival was selected as one of 12 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the Travel Channel world. What’s more, Taitung was listed in Booking.com as the world's top 10 emerging tourist cities. What are you waiting for this year? Come to Taitung Luye Highland and experience the delight of having fun in the clouds. Don’t miss it, or you must wait for next year.

*Night Glow Concerts

(1) 6/30(Saturday) 19:00 Taitung Luye Highland

(2) 7/07 (Saturday) 04:30 Chenggong Township Sansiantai (Night Glow Concerts)

(3) 7/14(Saturday) 19:00 Taitung City Zhi-Hang Air Force Base

(4) 7/21(Saturday) 19:00 Dapo Lake in Chishang

(5) 7/28(Saturday) 19:00 Taitung City Taitung University Library and Information Center

(6) 8/04 (Saturday) 04:30 Taimali Township - The Aurora Garden in Taimali (Night Glow Concerts)

(7) 8/11 (Saturday) 19:00 Beinan Township Chih-Pen Hot Spring Area

(8) 8/13 (Monday) 19:00 Luye Township - Luye Highland (closing)

* Tethered Balloon Ride Experience time

Time:  From June 30 to August 13, 2018

Morning Session: 05:30-07:00 AM | Selling tickets at 05:00 AM

Afternoon Session: 05:00-07:00 PM | Selling tickets at 04:00 PM

 (Open only on the afternoon session of the 6/30 opening day)

    Please visit the official website and FB fan page for event details and latest news

Official website: http://balloontaiwan.taitung.gov.tw/



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