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2017 Taiwan International Balloon Festival Serial Activities



Posted Unit:Taitung County Government



Serial Activities

【Wedding Photography】

Weave your own special dream of happiness , and have professional wedding photographers document your sweet memories!

【Hot air balloon girls webcast live on official Facebook】

Every year, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival invites specially designed balloons to participate in Luye. What special balloons will be seen at this year’s Festival? Get your smart phones ready for the newest information about pilots and designed balloons!

【Fly up – Paper wings competition】

Everyone had played paper wing when they were kids. So we are going to plan a paper wings competition in 17th July in Luye Gaotai. We will invite the master of paper wings, Doctor Su. ,to teach everyone how to be good at playing paper wings.
Events: Flight of longest distance and Flight of longest airtime

【Big size angry bird landed in Luye Gaotai】

Taiwan International Balloon Festival will give you special memories in this summer. We set the big size angry bird game in Luye Gaotai in every Sunday afternoon during first July to 6th August.

【Play and enjoy in Flowing Lake】

Special bonus for people participate Taiwan International Balloon Festival. Take the balloon tethering ride ticket can get discount for playing various water recreations in Region Lake.