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Tribal Village Travel

Tribal village travel

Tribal villages show backpackers a different side of Taiwan

Taitung's various ethnic groups weave an eye-catching cultural tapestry.Apart from its beautiful scenery, the rich culture of its seven aborigine tribes and fascinating legends will make you want to find out more about the real face of this unspoiled land.Slow down and savor Taitung's rich culture and natural splendor, unearthing the vitality, culture and natural beauty of aborigine townships through in-depth experience.


  • The best time to visit Different festivals are held throughout the four seasons in tribal villages. Most of the harvest festivals are held in summer. Every summer, the Makapahay Cultural Festival is held;all visitors are welcome to visit to learn about aborigine culture.
  • Climate Harvest festivals mainly take pace in the heat of summer so take care to protect against then sun and keep hydrated.
  • Notice A tribal village experience is unlike other kinds of visit; if you want such an experience you have to book in advance and follow the instructions of the interpreter, strictly obey the village taboos and safety rules.
  • Marongarong Tribe

    Marongarong Tribe

    Donghe Village is an Amis village called Marongarong in their language; Rongarong describes the sound that rushing water makes while Ma means very, stressing the loudness of the river water. The village provides bamboo raft rides, village treasure hunt and other activities for visitors.

  • Dulan Tribe

    Dulan Tribe

    This is a typical Amis tribal village on the east side of Dulan Mountain in Donghe Township. The area has a lot of stones and Du Lan means to pile up stones, build stone walls and earthquake. The village provides tree bark handicraft, village house visits, seafood dishes, and other activities for visitors.

  • Taromak Tribe

    Taromak Tribe

    A Rukai tribal village protected by the mountain gods, Kabaliua is the most ancient site in the history of the migration of the Rukai and was built around 300 years ago. The tour includes a guided tour of the site and a visit to a chief's house, as well as a chance to make a Rukai dish-Ah-bai-DIY style.

  • Sazasa(Luanshan) Tribe

    Sazasa(Luanshan) Tribe

    This is a Bunun tribal village on the southern end of the Coastal Mountain Range. It has the only virgin mixed broad-leafed and coniferous forest in Taiwan. Visitors will be taken to see “the tree that can walk” and the virgin forest, and visit a traditional house, and enjoy traditional Bunun forest fare.

  • Sapulju Tribe

    Sapulju Tribe

    A Paiwan tribal village in Xinxing Village, Jinfeng. In the village, large stones in front of the houses of eight chiefs relate their family histories; there is a roselle garden as well as weaving, wood carving, arrow shooting and dancing experiential activities for visitors.


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