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Breathe in the forest air

Breathe in the forest air

The route is an easy recreational trail suited to all the family.
The sunlight drips through the gaps in the lush canopy, the gentle breeze spreads invigorating natural Phytoncides. Bring your family and friends for a relaxing forest stroll.

  • Dawu Sea View Trail 1.1Km 30, takes 30 minutes to complete; suited to all the family

    Dawu Sea View Trail

    The trail is not far from the ocean and on the whole route the sound of waves can be heard. From high on the trail, expansive views of the endless ocean and the Dawu River river mouth can be enjoyed and the lines and rhythm of the waves and the surf seen. The scenery is very pleasing and makes this a great spot to relax or to take the whole family on a leisurely hike.

    • Length 1Km,takes 30 minutes to complete
    • Transport directions Proceed along Provincial Highway 9 towards Dawu to the 435 K point, turn onto Dawu Sreet and follow the signs to Dawu Work Station and you will see the trail entrance at the side.
  • Jhiben National Forest Recreation Area

    Jhiben National Forest Recreation Area

    The park has four grid shaped hiking trails, the Scenic Trail, the Tough Guy Trail, The Forest Shower Trail and the Ficus Shade Trail; it also has a medicinal plant botanical garden, a botanical garden, picnic area, a flowing water reflexology area, offering a varied forest ecological experience to visitors.

    • Length Scenic Trail 0.8Km, Tough Guy Trail 0.414 Km, The Forest Shower Trail 2.1 Km and the Ficus Shade Trail 2.1 Km.
    • Transport directions Follow Provincial Highway 9 towards Zhiben, follow the signs left onto Taitung County Road 58 Township Road and proceed in the direction of Jhihben Hot Spring Scenic Area.
  • Liyu Mountain Trail 1.75Km long, takes one hour Taitung City Jijia Hiking Trail

    Liyu Mountain Trail

    Carp Mountain gets its name because of its shape. The area has many trails as well as several important viewing pavilions named carp head, carp eye, carp back, and carp tail because of their position. On the ways 100 year old banyan trees that block out the sun can be seen and natural chorus of insect and bird calls heard.

  • Dulan Mountain Trail. 3.79Km, takes 6 hours; view Dulan Bay and Green Island(Lyudao) in the distance.

    Dulan Mountain Trail

    Dulan is on the Beinan Plain. Affected by moisture from the Pacific there is often a mist belt at around 700 meters in elevation. Dulan Mountain peak is shrouded in mist most of the year, creating a mysterious and beautiful sight.

    • Length 3.79Km, takes 6 hours; view Dulan Bay and Green Island(Lyudao) in the distance.
    • Location Follow Provincial Highway 11, the coastal highway, to the 151.5 K point and you will see “Dulan Mountain” in big red characters carved on a rock at the side of the road, this is the trail entrance.

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