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Great waves at Jinzun, Taitung

Provincial Highway 11 on the eastern coastline in Taitung has a full range of beautiful scenery. It is a coastal paradise resort. The blue sea and sky, like a blue silk road, beautiful and vast coast, and clean and pollution-free sea here can all have surfers doing their best in surfing. It is a “surfing paradise” in the eyes of domestic and overseas tourists, and also the venue of “Taiwan Open of Surfing”.

Get to know the surfing paradise in Eastern Taiwan

Clean waters and surfers’ resort

Chenggong Coast

Chenggong Coast

Unique coast

Taitung County has the longest coastline in the country, some 176 km. Changbin Township, Chenggong Township and Donghe Township along the eastern coastline are rich in coral reef resources. The “wave” conditions in the section of Taitung, regardless of size or shape, are unique. The clean and vast waters here have strongly attracted numerous surfers from Australia and the United States, and it has also been elected as the latest surfing venue in Asia by ASC (Asian Surfing Championship) and WSL (World Surf League, the predecessor of ASP). Now Taiwan has become the sixth stop of Asian Surfing Championships after Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, etc.

Jinzun Recreational Area

Jinzun Recreational Area

Good venue for surfing

Surfing masters all know that the Eight Immortals Cave in the east coast: Wushihbi, Yiwan, Chenggong Township coast, Torik, Donghe estuary, Jinzun Bay, Singchang and Jiqi. These places in Hualien County are surfers’ paradise. The area from Donghe to Changbin, with the continental shelf extending to around 50 to 60 meters, has a flat seafloor terrain, creating smooth waves, very suitable for surfing.
Recommendation for beginners: The sea area from Wushihbi to Donghe belongs to a sandy shore terrain, which is a safer venue for surfing. It also has good wave conditions during northeast monsoons and summer vacation. There are surf shops around, providing teaching and surfboard leasing. Tourists can come to experience the pleasure of surfing.
Experienced surfers: The surfing venues in the areas of Eight Immortals Cave and Chenggong belong to the fixed-point wave-generating reef rock topography. The venues, with perfect wave shapes and faster wave speed, are challenging venues for thrill-seeking surfers. Please be careful of rocks in the coastal area to avoid injury when entering the water.

Good season for surfing

Good season for surfing

In autumn and winter, the northeast monsoons contribute to wave potential, which is a good time for surfing. During consecutive holidays or in winter, surfers from all over Taiwan gather on the east coast to enjoy the beautiful blue sea and sky, and meet the waves like beer foam that stimulate enthusiasm.
Best travel time:Surfing is OK all year round, especially the area from Donghe to Changbin, coupled with the northeast monsoons blowing during autumn and winter, contributing to wave potential. It is a good time for surfing.

Climate and tips

Climate and tips

Weather: The average summer temperature along the east coast is about 17 to 29 degrees, while in winter it is between 16 and 20 degrees, but in summer, the temperature often reaches more than 30 degrees during the daytime. Please pay special attention to sun block and drink water. There are often typhoons from August to October in summer. Surfers are asked to pay special attention to climate warnings.
Surfing tips: If you are a beginner in surfing, before entering the water, please ask the local surfing club or shop about relevant matters for attention to enjoy the fun of surfing!

Must watch! Taiwan Open of Surfing

A winter event not to be missed
Taiwan Open of Surfing

A sports event in which great surfers gather to compete

Since 2011, “Taiwan Open of Surfing” has been held at Jinzun Fishing Harbor, Donghe Township, Taitung County every year. The competitions are divided into Men’s Longboard and Shortboard Team and Women’s Longboard and Shortboard Team and the Junior Team. At present, Taiwan Open of Surfing is in cooperation with the World Surf League (WSL), so judges are from all over the world. The total prize has continuously increased each year, from NT$ 300,000 to NT$ 6,300,000. Up to now, contestants have been from Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii, the United States, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Greece, Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Germany, Malaysia, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico, Reunion, Costa Rica, Barbados, Venezuela, and also local players in Taiwan. Over the years there have been 960 contestants, and cumulative visitors have reached hundreds of thousands of visits. Surf-loving players must not miss this international event.

Chronicle of events

  • Since 2008, “East Coast International Surfing Championship” has been held at Jinzun Fishing Harbor, Donghe Township, Taitung County every year.
  • In 2011, it was raised to “International Surfing Invitational Championship and Open Championship”, which set off a wave of surfing sports in Taiwan and promoted surfing activities in the east coast and its international popularity.
  • In 2012, the only international surfing event in Taiwan was continued and promoted to the ASC highest level event, which was also a top international event in Taiwan, so that people from at home and abroad had more opportunities to further understand the beautiful scenery of the east coast of Taiwan, creating Taitung as the first choice for international surfers in autumn and winter.
  • In 2013, Taiwan cooperated with ASP to conduct live broadcast and hold ASP Men's Shortboard event for the first time, attracting Japanese surfers to participate enthusiastically. In 2015 and 2016, Taiwan continued to cooperate with WSL (World Surf League, the predecessor of ASP) to hold QS1500 Points Match, attracting international contestants from more than 13 countries to participate.
  • In 2017, to continuously strengthen the international branding image for surfing and sightseeing in Taiwan, Taiwan held the World Longboard Championship for the first time, and also continued to train domestic surfers, raising the event level to MQS3000 Taitung Stop, becoming the last stop of the Japanese Region and Australian Region Points Championships.
  • Taitung set a new world record in 2018, and hosted World Junior Championships and World Longboard Championships, attracting more visitors from home and abroad. Taitung leads Taiwan’s surfing activities to connect with the world.

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