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Mountain Climbing

Cliff and rivers

Taitung is bordered by the Central Mountain Range, Kaohsiung and Pingdong. With many high mountains, it has a rich ecological landscape. In ancient times many trails between east and west were opened. To the north, Taitung joins the Coastal Mountain Range in Hualien. The rugged terrain makes access difficult and has allowed the original ecology to be preserved.

  • Chiaming Lake National Trail

    Chiaming Lake National Trail

    • Length 13Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★★★☆
    • Altitude 2650-3603 meters
    • Top sights Jiaming Lake, Xiangyang collapse, Yushan peaks, Central Mountain Range, wild Formosan Serow.
  • Jingshueiying Old Trail

    Jingshueiying Old Trail

    • Length 20Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★★☆☆
    • Altitude 200-1450 meters
    • Special features In the past this was a path used by the Paiwan to travel between east and west Taiwan;along the route are the remains of a number of military camps and police stations.
  • Mt. Beidawu National Trail

    Mt. Beidawu National Trail

    • Length 8.7Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★★★☆
    • Altitude 1500-3092 meters
    • Special features One of the Five Great Mountains of Taiwan, highest mountain in south Taiwan,fir, Taiwan spruce, Chinese hemlock, black kite.
  • Malaolou Hiking Trail

    Malaolou Hiking Trail

    • Length 1.16Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★★☆☆
    • Altitude 380-540 meters
    • Special features The entire mountain was formed by the uplifting of an undersea volcano as a result of tectonic plates pushing together. The first part of the trail is mainly mountain track and the latter half zigzags up following Xingang North Creek;ropes have been fixed on some parts of the trail, which classes as a relatively difficult trail.
  • Jhihben Trail

    Jhihben Trail

    • Length 11.5Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★☆☆☆
    • Altitude 147-662 meters
    • Top sights Originally a war preparation path made by the Japanese in the colonial period, it was then turned into a timber transport road in the 1950s. Forest roads themselves are symbols of Taiwan's logging industry.
  • Lijia Industry Road

    Lijia Industry Road

    • Length 32Km
    • Level of difficulty ★★☆☆☆
    • Altitude 500-1500 meters
    • Top sights This crosses through the Dabajiuliu mountain area, an important habitat for wild animals, the home of the Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Orange belly tree frog and other rare species. In the distance Taitung City and the ocean can be seen.


  1. Plan your route in advance; some trails need a mountain entry permit and this should be applied for in advance
  2. The body can lose heat easily in the mountains because of strong winds and low temperatures so pay attention to keeping warm.
  3. Don’t ascend too quickly to avoid altitude sickness.
  4. Climbing routes have different levels of difficulty; climbers must only climb route that match their ability
  5. Don’t become separated from your group in the mist or drizzle. Stay with at least one other member of the party so you can look out for each other

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