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Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon

Dreams soar into the sky

Hot air balloons rising into the sky is an enjoyable experience for spectators. The moment the hot air balloon slowly lifts off, all hopes, dreams and freedom soar together with it. All cultural barriers are broken and the joyous and exciting atmosphere prevails in the crowd composed of different nationalities.

About Eastern Taiwan’s hot air balloon heaven

Ride on a hot air balloon; fulfill your dream of flying
The story of hot air balloons

The story of hot air balloons

The hot air balloon was invented by the Montgolfier brothers from France in 1783. They filled heated air into a balloon made of sackcloth tightened with paper. The balloon successfully rose into the air 1,000 meters above ground for about 10 minutes. In the same year, the first free flight was made by Rozier and Laurent. It was the first recorded manned flight. After more than a hundred years, technologies of modern hot air balloons have become mature, and the hot air balloon has since been registered aircraft in the United States, Australia, Japan, India, etc.
Saga in Kyushu of our neighboring country, Japan, has been holding hot air balloon competitions for 30 years, and the hot air balloon has since become part of their lives. During the annual Saga International Balloon Fiesta in November, an array of character-shaped hot air balloons took off in the grand event, attracting 800,000 people in just a week.

Luye Highland stands

The best place for hot air ballooning

Luye Highland stands at an altitude of about 350 meters, with the Central Mountain Range on the left and coastal mountain range on the right, giving a spectacular bird's-eye view of the intersection of Luliao River and Pinan River. It is an ideal lookout point that offers a pleasing experience as visitors overlook the valley, river, green land and lush tea plantation from the sky.
The highland is surrounded by mountains where the wind constantly flows in the same direction, making it ideal for various flying activities in Taitung and attracting many aviation enthusiasts. Next to Fulushan recreation farm is a paragliding training ground with PU flooring coating on the top of the highland. Hence, you can always enjoy the fascinating view of the colored paragliders here.
In summer, the wind always blows from the south during July and August. It is the best time for hot air ballooning and paragliding. And the tea plantation area near Guangrong Road and Xianshu Avenue is an ideal spot to enjoy the hot air balloons and paragliding.

The Taitung Dream Flight Academy

The Taitung Dream Flight Academy

“Training Base for hot air balloon tourism in Taitung— Dream factory for flying” was the first hot air balloon pilot school in Taiwan. It is also a training center for hot air balloon ground crews, meeting point before free flight, as well as the training base for ground support personnel in aviation activities.
Besides aviation training, the school is also the first stop for hot air balloon tourists to attend pre-departure training. After introducing related regulations and safety precautions, tourists are able to enjoy the freedom of flying in the air.
Address: No. 399, Section 3, Zhonghua Road, Luye Township, Taitung County
Opening hours: 08:30~17:30
Tel: +886-89-552233

Precautions for Hot air balloon rides

Precautions for Hot air balloon rides

Best time to fly a hot air balloon: Most hot air balloon rides are scheduled in the early morning or before sunset. The wind conditions are usually more stable at these times. Flying a hot air balloon is subject to many irresistible factors such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature, the convection of heat, etc., and that makes watching the balloon rise into the sky a very valuable experience.
Weather: Luye Highland is very sunny during July and August. Hence, while queuing for the hot air balloon rides, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun. Besides the hot sun, summer is also typhoon season. So before heading to Luye for the hot air balloon festival, you may want to view the real-time video for local weather condition.

Fly! Taiwan International Balloon Festival

The most stunning visual feast in summer
balloon festival

Colorful summer - balloon festival

Taiwan International Balloon Festival has been held for several years and has attracted more than a million hot air balloon fans. Every summer, hot air balloons can be seen soaring above Luye Highland, decorating Taitung’s sky with colors. The festival appeals to tourists from all over the world to enjoy Taitung’s beautiful scenery from the magical carrier. It is also the longest balloon festival in the world.

Light Music Show

Dazzling colorful lights in the night sky – Light Music Show

In the light music show, the lighting is synced with the music to form a canvas on the local scenery. The music and lights change to form different themes at various locations. Accompanied by the rhythm of the music, it creates beautiful changing colors. The grand event that combines starry summer night and hot air balloon presents a beautiful light show on the milky way of the night sky.

Tethered hot air balloon rides

Dream of flying to the sky ─ Tethered hot air balloon rides

No need to go overseas! Experience a tethered hot air balloon ride at Taitung Luye Highland in the morning and afternoon. The wind conditions in the morning are relatively stable, which is ideal for photo-taking. As the balloon rises, dreams and freedom soar; it makes all the effort of waiting in queue worthwhile. For more details about the tethered hot air balloon rides, please visit the official website of the balloon festival.

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