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Stroll with a bicycle, enjoy the LOHAS tour

With such names as "likes sports most" and "has the friendliest sports environment", Taitung County spares no effort in planning each bicycle trail. With the azure coastline, verdant mountains, luxurious beautiful scenes, warm and down to earth people, and stores cheering for you along the paths, Taitung County is waiting for every dream practitioner.

  • The extravagant enjoyment of mountains and seas

    The extravagant enjoyment of mountains and seas

    The azure coast and verdant mountains offer the most extravagant enjoyments for people from the northern and western parts of Taiwan; however, they are very common in Taitung. The most complete Guanshan bicycle trail in Taiwan is safe and quiet without interference from vehicles. Taitung City, Luye Longtian, Chishang, and the coastline all have their own exclusive bicycle trails. Just like riding in the Peach Blossom Land, there are a variety of natural and simple sceneries along the trails.

  • International Triathlon。

    International Triathlon

    Triathlon is a three-in-one race that combines swimming, cycling, and road running. Taitung’s pure land with good mountains and water is the best environment for training triathletes. It is hoped to become a place to cultivate triathletes of the Asian Games and Olympic Games.

Strolling along the authentic bicycle trails

Strolling along the authentic bicycle trails

The East Rift Valley has flat and green fields with green or golden yellow paddies; rapeseed flowers breed on warm winter days. You can ride through the checkerboard fields, cross the green tunnel in the morning dawn, pass the streams that extend along the rift valley, and the verdant fields and mountains are always with you.

Chihshang Township Loop Bicycle Trail anchorChihshang-Guanshan Access Road anchorGuanshan Township Loop Bicycle Trail anchorLuye Longtian Bicycle Trail anchorTaitung Mountain/Ocean Bicycle Trail anchorChenggong Sanxiantai Bike Trail anchor
    Chihshang Township Loop Bicycle Trail
    • Start point: Chihshang Railway Station
    • Location: Chihshang Township
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: Under 35 meters
    • Distance: About 33.74 km
    • Starting from Dapo Pond, the Chishang bicycle trail passes through the green tunnel, large tankers, Jinxin 2nd Road and ends in Qingjin Road. The total length is 33.74 kilometers.
    Chihshang-Guanshan Access Road
    • Start point: Chihshang Railway Station, Guanshan Railway Station
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: 60 meters
    • Distance: About 17.1 km
    • The bike trail connects Chihshang and Guanshan, the two hometowns of rice. On a clear sunny day, let the nature-loving visitors feel the simple rustic style from the countryside where greenery flourishes. The distinct scenery that changes according to seasons creates new surprises for visitors every time.
    Guanshan Township Loop Bicycle Trail
    • Start point: Guanshan Waterfront Park
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: About 80 meters
    • Distance: About 12 km
    • Starting from Guanshan Waterfront Park, the trail passes Guanshan Old Station, Guanshan Township, the overlook pavilion, and the mahogany wood area with a total length of 12 kilometers around Guanshan Township.
    Luye Longtian Bicycle Trail
    • Start point: Luye Railway Station, the intersection of Luye Guangrong Road and Longyi Road
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: Under 50 meters
    • Distance: About 6.6 km
    • Starting from Luye, the trail passes Longtian Elementary School, Kunci Temple, the Loquat plantation, pineapple plantation, and ends at Luye Gautai Tea Plantations. The whole length is 7.3 kilometers.
    Taitung Mountain/Ocean Bicycle Trail
    • Start point: Taitung Railway Art Village, Old Taitung Railway Station
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: Under 50 meters
    • Distance: About 21.1 km
    • The trail starts at the old Taitung Railway Station, passes the Taitung Historical Rail, Taitung Sugar Refinery, Beinan Dam, Taitung Dike, Pipa Lake, the Sea Shore Park, Lusi Lake and Railway Art Village. You can enjoy the beauty of Taitung City in all these.
    Chenggong Sanxiantai Bike Trail
    • Start point: Intersection of Provincial Highway 11 and Tienjin Street, Baishoulian Waterfront Park
    • Difficulty:
    • Elevation Difference: Under 50 meters
    • Distance: About 9.3 km
    • Starting from Chenggong Township Waterfront Park, the trail goes north along the industrial road and reaches Sanxiantai in the northeast of Chenggong Township in Taitung. It is part of the Tuluanshan agglomerate and was originally a headland. Due to the erosion by the sea, the neck of the headland was abraded, so it is now an offshore island.

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