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Accumulation of history

Accumulation of history

The footprints of those who passed before

Taitung, known as the beautiful back garden, lies quietly on the Pacific coast. The land is young but has an ancient spirit. Tens of thousands of year of history sleep quietly in the Beinan Archeological Site, a Grade 1 Historic Site.

  • National Museum of Prehistory

    National Museum of Prehistory

    This is the first national museum of prehistory in Taiwan, displaying prehistoric relics from all over Taiwan, and with the mission of preserving, and researching prehistoric and aborigine culture. The grounds also have a fountain, maze, kids’ play area and a landscape garden.

  • Beinan Cultural Park

    Beinan Cultural Park

    This s the most complete ancient site in Taiwan;so far, 1500 stone coffins, over 20,000 stone and earthenware objects, jade funerary items, rare houses and complete graves have been unearthed. Today, archeological work is continuing. The moon shaped pillars in the center of the former village are a Grade 1 historic site and a permanent landmark. The spacious grassy area and tree-lined paths are tranquil with an air of mystery and are places to relax and ponder on the vicissitudes of life.

  • Basian Cave

    Basian Cave

    The cliff face facing the sea has dozens of caves made by the impact of the waves over time. This was the site of the discovery of the oldest prehistoric culture in Taiwan, Palaeolithic Changbin Culture; the caves were once the home of the ancient inhabitants of the Changbin area and Eight Immortals Cave was thus designated a Grade 1 Historic Site. It is recommended that visitors go to the visitor center to learn more about this historic site.

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