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Taitung Suburbs


Follow predecessors’ footsteps and construct travel memories

When travelers walk out of the Taitung New Station, this trip begins. Following predecessors’ footsteps, they can visit more than scenic sites.This plentiful and diverse trip is like a large ring connecting history, culture, ecology and nature. You may slow down your steps, carefully enjoy this in-depth tour, and will find constant surprisess

  • Beinan Cultural Park。

    Beinan Cultural Park

    In the Beinan Cultural Park in back of the New Station, you can climb up to the observation deck, see the vast green space and overlook the beautiful Taitung City. Taking a deep breath unconsciously, you will feel all weariness gone suddenly. You can also see the precious Beinan site still excavating. Those unearthed artifacts are perfectly preserved in the Museum of Prehistory. This century-old story and culture is definitely worth a careful visit.

  • Liji Badlands and Little Huangshan(Puyuma Mountain)

    Liji Badlands and Little Huangshan(Puyuma Mountain)

    Walking on the Liji Bridge, you might wonder how the moon world appears in Taitung. That desolate landscape without any vegetation, similar to the moon's surface, is called Liji Badlands. On the other side of the Beinan River is the famous Siaohuang Mountain, also known as Taitung Red Cliff. Suddenly a train comes across the Liji Badlands and Siaohuang Mountain. What a spectacular view!

  • Taitung Forest Park。

    Taitung Forest Park

    The dreamlike Taitung Forest Park covers an extensive area with plenty and towering trees. In the morning and evening, residents like to walk and exercise here. Travelers can rent bicycles to hang around in the forest trails by following the indicative signs, looking for the three beautiful lakes. As white egrets' favorite resting place, "Egret Lake" is a vast green lake intertwining with mountains. Such a poetic scene always intoxicates people. The artificially constructed "Flowing Lake" is where "Austronesian Cultural Festival" is held. The annual dragon boat race and national triathlon also take place here. The naturally formed "Pipa Lake" is quiet and beautiful, like a piece of natural painting.

  • Paposogan(Seashore Park)

    Paposogan(Seashore Park)

    Walking on the forest trails next to the "Pipa Lake," you will get to the green water bridge, where you can hear the sound of the sea and see a century landmark. Here is the Seashore Park. In the daytime, you can sit on the embankment to enjoy the breeze from the sea and appreciate the view of the Pacific Ocean. In the nighttime, you can see how the moon lights up Taitung here. It is said that during the full moon, the bright moonlight will sparkle the surface of the ocean, which travelers call a "moonlight skating rink." If you want to witness the night scene and starry sky in Taitung, the Star Tribe and Lijia Forest Road on the 197 County Highway are the best choices.

  • Jhihben Hot Spring

    Jhihben Hot Spring

    When you go to the south and reach Jhihben, the Baiyu Waterfall on the Leshan Industrial Road is worth visiting. Though not big, the waterfall looks graceful. Water coming from above and the air filled with vapor makes people refreshing and joyful. Then it is time for a forest bath. Enter the Jhihben Forest Recreation Area, choose your favorite forest trail and heartily enjoy the embrace of the nature. In winter, do not forget to take a hot spring that can heal your physical and mental weariness.