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Taitung: 16 townships full of charm

Taitung has mountains, valleys, rivers, and the ocean. When you come to Taitung, you can wander around in nature's boundless classroom and unload your mundane thoughts to freely enjoy the land's beauty and slow living.
Taitung is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, which nurtures abundant natural resources and produce. Quality rice grows in this great natural environment, which also produces tea, daylilies, sugar apples, smoked skipjack tunas, and marlins. These pure, natural and delicious specialties are the humble pride of Taitung.
In the beautiful surroundings of Taitung, the cultural and festive characteristics of the six indigenous peoples (Amis, Puyuma, Rukai, Bunun, Paiwan and Tao) are preserved to display their rich and diverse culture. Taitung is a fabulous city where nature and culture are worth relishing slowly.

  • East Rift Valley

    East Rift Valley

    From Chishang and Guanshan to Luye, there are luxuriant green fields and magnificent mountains. It is also fun to cycle to Dapo Pond, the wetland famous for bird-watching, or to Luye Highland, where you can go hot-air ballooning, or to Chulu Ranch, where you can simply have a relaxingly good time.

  • Taitung Suburbs

    Taitung Suburbs

    Located in the core of Taitung County, Taitung City is the hub of land, sea, and air transportation. There are also special snacks, tasty seafood, and beautiful parks and ponds. If you come to Tiehua Music Village or Taitung Story Museum, you will be able to appreciate the fine works of artists and the wonderful performances of musicians, and enjoy the savor of a slow lifestyle.

  • East Coastline

    East Coastline

    On the coastline along Provincial Highway 11, the azure sky and sea merge into one vastness. The waves pass on the old songs from home. The endless, intertwined sand beaches and rocky shores contain plentiful fish farms of the Pacific Ocean, and constitute a paradise for water activities such as surfing.

  • South-Link Mountain Line

    South-Link Mountain Line

    If you wish to visit Taitung via the Southern Cross-Island Highway, we recommend you go hiking in the mountains and conquer the historic trails obscured by mist.

  • South-Link Line

    South-Link Line

    Continuing southward, you can see the rich and pure mountain and sea views, visit the authentic aboriginal tribes in person, or enjoy the beautiful scenery of forests, hot springs and the sun rising from the sea. Come visit Taiwan's pristine mystery realm that resembles the one in Avatar.

Orchid Island

Fun Travels in Green Island and Orchid Island

Green Island and Orchid Island are the islands in the Pacific Ocean known as “the pearls of the world.” The rich marine life, natural coastal landscape, and aboriginal culture all strongly attract tourists. Here, you can go snorkeling and scuba diving to explore sea wonders. Or you can gaze upon the stars, experience the tribal culture, and taste the unique local cuisines, all of which offer the enjoyment of going on an island trip.
The Islands’ blessed features include blue sky, beaches, ocean and countless mysterious stories, as well as flying fish, canoes, bikes, snorkeling and fishing. Which one is the most memorable part of your trip to the offshore island?

Roaming the Offshore Islands
  • Island Transport

    Island Transport

    Are you still wondering how to get to Green Island or Orchid Island? This easy-to-read information will let you understand the sea, land and air transportation to the offshore islands with ease. Now you can take an island trip without worries.

  • Fun Travel in Green Island

    Fun Travel in Green Island

    Going around the Island, snorkeling, gazing upon the stars, watching Sika deer, bathing in Zhaori Hot Springs, and learning about the unique prison culture are all classic must-do activities when you visit Green Island!

  • Home of Flying Fish

    Home of Flying Fish

    You can watch the flying fish and search for Scops owls in the middle of the night. You can also check out the tatala boats of Taos and learn about their unique culture. Then, you can have an exhilarating bath at Yeyin Cold Spring. In Orchid Island, a relaxing slow trip awaits you.

Spectacular and Fun Annual Events

Spectacular and Fun Annual Events

Apart from a slow trip to enjoy the magnificent mountain and sea views, taking part in annual fun events is also one of the characteristics of travelling in Taitung. On the first day of the new year, there will be the event of greeting the first dawn at Sanxiantai. In summer, there will be the fabulous hot balloon festival, Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival, Moonlit Sea Music Festival, and a beautiful golden sea of daylilies. If you like sports events, there are also marathons, bicycle races and international surfing competitions. When you visit Taitung, do not miss the opportunity of participating in these annual events.

See More Annual Event & Festival

Slow Travel in Taitung: Recommended Itineraries

2-day trip on the east coast

2-day trip on the east coast

Day 1

Paposogan(Seashore Park)→Xiaoyeliu→Jialulan Recreation Area→Jiamuzih Bay→Water Flowing Upwards→Moonlight Inn→Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park→Jinzun→East Coast National Scenic Area Administration→Chenggong Fishing Harbor

Day 2

Sanxiantai→Pisirian→Shiyusan→Wushibi→Baxian Cave→Taiyuan Valley→Dengxian Bridge Recreation Area

Chulu Ranch

Backpacking: 2-day trip in the rural areas

Day 1

Taitung Forest Park→Paposogan(Seashore Park)→Beinan Dazun Water Conservation Park→Liji Badlands→Little Huangshan→Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden→Fuyuan Scenic Lookout→Beinan Cultural Park→Jhihben Hot Spring

Day 2

Green Tunnel→Chulu Ranch→Luye Tourist Tea Plantation→Guanshan Water Park→Chihshang's Lunchbox Museum→Dapo Lak

Taitung Historical Rail

2-day trip in the outskirts of Taitung City

Day 1

Taitung Railway Station→Children's Story Museum→Taitung Art Museum→Taitung Railway Art Village→Taitung Historical Rail→Tiehua Music Village→Taitung Tourism Night Market(Snack Street and Fruit Street)

Day 2

Taitung Forest Park→Paposogan(Seashore Park)→National Museum of Prehistory→Baoting Art and Culture Center

Delicacies, Souvenirs, Accommodation

  • Must-eat Delicacies

    Mitaimu (rice noodles) with the rich flavor of smoked skipjack tunas, pork blood soup filled with plentiful ingredients, and the juicy steamed buns are just three examples of a wide variety of yummy local delicacies that tourists should never miss when visiting Taitung.

  • Souvenir

    Must-buy souvenirs in Taitung include: rich and aromatic coffee, crispy sweet potato chips, handiwork created by local artists, and many more products. Check out the souvenir shops in Taitung now!

  • B&Bs and Hotels

    If you want to experience the hospitality of people in Taitung, please stay at a B&B full of local atmosphere. If you want to enjoy a hot spring bath and other comfortable facilities, hotels will be your top choice!




Flying is the fastest way to reach Taitung. It takes 50-60 minutes to fly from Taipei Songshan Airport to Taitung. However, you must check the timetable of flights to Taitung in order to take a flight as scheduled.


The train is a highly flexible and economical means of public transportation, suitable for the tourists who like to take things slow.
Taipei Railway Station↔Taitung Railway Station 3hr30min
Hualien Railway Station↔Taitung Railway Station 2hr
Kaohsiung Railway Station↔Taitung Railway Station 2hr 07min


For those who like to arrange their time freely and stop frequently along the way, driving to Taitung is a good choice. However, since the Southern Cross-Island Highway is not yet open at present, tourists are advised to take the South-Link Highway.
Taipei ↔Taitung(Provincial Hwy No.9) 344km
Taipei ↔Taitung(Provincial Highway No.11) 343km
Pingtung Fonggang↔Taitung(South-Link Highway) 96km
Tainan↔Taitung(Southern Cross-Island Highway)
Getting Here

Public Transportation

Those opting for travelling with low carbon footprints can take the “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” or “Eastern Top Transportation” in Taitung. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle sells ticket packages for the mountain line and sea line, so that passengers can choose to go to the mountains or the ocean. The Eastern Top Transportation is a ticket package launched by Dingdong Bus, allowing you to take an in-depth trip in the Valley.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Eastern Top Transportation