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Taitung Specialties


Fine tea, good rice, fruit and flowers, delicious dishes made from ingredients from mountain and ocean, Taitung's favorable natural conditions nurture a variety of quality farm produce; Valencia oranges in spring, sugar apples (Annona Squamosa L.) in summer, day lily (Hemerocallis sp.) in autumn and roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) in winter; the Kuroshio (black) current brings flying fish (Cypselurus hiraii) and sailfish and many other fish species. Taitung's agricultural produce is rich and also highly distinctive and can certainly meet the varying needs of the visitor.

  • Day-lily


    In Taitung,Day-lily Flower is mainly grown at Beinan,Donghe and Taimali. The 800-hetcare Daylily field on Jingjenshan of Taimail Township is the largest plantation field in Taiwan. Jingjenshan is located at high altitude and is often surrounded by fogs. The Day-lily flowers here are famous for the tender and crisp texture and fragrant smell. It is also called “Snow Day-lily Flower.”

  • Roselle


    Roselle Flower,another famous crop of high economic value in Taitung,is also called “rubies on the tree” for its ruby-like shape. The Roselle flowers in Taimali and Jinfong are of best quality and most quantity. It is made into tea,wine,preserved fruits,cookies or candies,which are excellent gift choices.

  • Navel Orange

    Navel Orange

    Every November to December,a type of yellowish orange is available at Donghe and Chenggong Townships. It is called Navel Orange because of the obvious navel-like forms. This kind of orange is rich in Vitamin C and has very delicate texture. The fresh sweet flavor won it a name “the Rolls-Royce of oranges”. The annual production is limited and the demand remains high on the market.

  • Valencia Orange

    Valencia Orange

    The Valencia Orange is originally from Azores of Portugal and is also called “aroma orange” for its heavenly citrus flavor. Spring season from March to April is the season of Valencia Orange. It is grown in Donghe,Chenggong and Guanshan. The sweetness and acidity of Valencia Oranges are much higher than other types of oranges and it contains high nutrition.

  • Sugar Apple

    Sugar Apple

    Also named as sweetsop,sugar apple is one of the most important agricultural products of Taitung. The major production fields are in Taitung City,Beinan,Luye,Taimali and Donghe. The species of sugar apple available in Taitung are original sugar apple,atemoya,soft-stem sugar-apple and Damu sugar apple. The harvest season is from July through April of the next year.

  • Flying Fish

    Flying Fish

    Each year from March to July,flying fish will follow Kuroshio Current and pass eastern Taiwan,particularly around Lanyu Island. It brings abundant harvest for local fishermen. Flying fish is often preserved with sea salts or sun-dried while some others invent various cuisines from it.

  • Sailfish


    The East Coast is where Kuroshio Current and Oyashio Current meet,which bring great marine resources. Being the biggest fishing harbor in Taitung Chenggong Township owns an unique sailfish industry and its sailfish production is more than 75% of the total Taitung fish catch. From October to November,it is the sailfish season and a series of sailfish-related events are held in Chenggong.

  • Oil Silver Pomfret

    Oil Silver Pomfret

    This species of silvrer pomfret (aka ribbon fish) is a feature of Dawu Township. September to December is the migration season and oil silver pomfret stay in the marine area offshore of Dawu to lay eggs. Their back fins are slightly light yellowish,and this species of silver pomfret is larger and more corpulent than the original silver pomfret. The juicy meat contains sufficient oil that oil silver pomfret is perfect for deep fry,pan fry or baking.