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Taitung Souvenir


Taitung has rich natural and cultural resources and is a vacation mecca many people want to visit on vacation. Taitung people are friendly, conscientious and hospitable and have created many products unique to the county When you visit from afar, don’t forget to take some of the things that made your taste buds dance to share with friends and family.

  • Tea


    The Fulu Tea Fields of Luye Township are scattered around at the terraces with altitudes between 200m and 450m. In early days,Fulu tea was very desirable on the market and famous for its flavor and taste. This area grows abundant oolong tea and Jinsuan tea. Recently local tea farmers developed a semi-organic honey flavor black tea.

  • Rice


    Chihshang,Guanshan and Luye are famous for growing rice of excellent quality. Due to the low industrial pollution,significant temperature difference in the morning and evening,and heavy clay soil,the Rift Valley Rice has perfect texture and great aroma. This is one of the best souvenirs when visiting the East Rift Valley.

  • Coffee


    Taitung faces the Pacific Ocean, has suitable temperature, humidity and fertile soil, making it ideal for growing coffee. The coffee beans that are exposed to the Kuroshio wind that blows along the Beinan River, have a distinctive flavor, and rival imported brands for quality, taste and aroma. Coffee lovers are in for a treat.

  • sweet potato crisp

    Sweet Potato Crisp

    Old-style sweet potato crisp is a local snack that is very popular. It is made by hand using a traditional method. Sweet potato crisp smothered in special syrup is fragrant and crispy and will make you want to take bite after bite to get more of the delicious taste; they are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea.

  • Pastries, Refreshments

    Pastries, Refreshments

    Many businesses in Taitung have developed tasty sweets using local ingredients, such as handmade rice cakes, oat cake, rice cake, puffed rice, sugar apple crisp and pudding…Don’t forget to take some of these sweets back as gifts.