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South-Link Line

South-Link Line

Slow travel to the mountains and ocean, a tour in nature

The four towns along the South Link Line are surrounded by the mountains and ocean, having unrivaled sea scenes and natural original views. Taimali Township's daylily season, Jinfong Township's Roselle season, Dawu Township's seafood and Daren Township's Paiwan traditional culture are all worth seeing. Whether taking a train or riding a bicycle along the No.9 Provincial Highway is a good way to visit the four towns. You can not only wander around the beautiful scenery of East Coast but also visit all towns one by one, a way to truly know the last Eden in Taiwan.

South-link Line: Sky and Ocean Merge into One Vastness

Heading along the No.9 Provincial Highway, you enter the four towns of South Link Line. The vast ocean and blue sky seem to unite together in the distance, accompanying travelers all the way to the south. The Pacific Ocean reflects the sunlight through the clouds. The sky is blue, so is the ocean.

  • The Aurora Garden。

    The Aurora Garden

    In the Millennium Memorial Park, the previous activity of welcoming the first dawn in 2000 is still unforgettable. Totally 25 countries around the world greeted the first dawn of the 21st century together. The scene is very memorable. Therefore, on New Year's Eve every year, travelers from different places gather here and take beautiful pictures of sunrise from the ocean.

  • Jean-Zen mountain

    Jean-Zen mountain

    In late autumn and early winter, the flowering season of Roselle in Jinfong Township begins. With a nickname of ruby, Roselle blooms in the field. Tribal people are busy harvesting and greeting travelers. You can put on casual dress and experience to be a flower farmer for one day. Perhaps you can exchange your labor for a hearty dinner or one-night accommodation.

  • Dawu Jinlong Lake

    Dawu Jinlong Lake

    To the south, the Dawu Township relying on the ocean is the best rest stop for travelers. The abundant aquatic products here are what fishermen work hard to capture. Why don’t you find a seafood restaurant and taste some seasonal seafood dishes. If it rains, do not forget to order marlin scrambled egg which is exclusive in rainy days. “Dawu Jinlong Lake” is surrounded by mountains with a beautiful scenery and round-the-lake trail. Here is very suitable for walking.

  • Tjuwabal Paiwan Culture and Art Community

    Tjuwabal Paiwan Culture and Art Community

    Daren Township, the last stop of South Link Line, preserves traditional Paiwan culture and natural beauty. Leaning on the Dawu Mountain, Tuban Village hosts the Five-year Ceremony every five years. It is the most important traditional ceremony for the Paiwan people. The famous Alangyi Historic Trail is currently the oldest as well as the best preserved historic trail in Taiwan. If wanting to visit Alangyi, you have to be well prepared.

  • Nantian Coast Water Park

    Nantian Coast Water Park

    Go to the Nantian seaside, look for a Nantian stone and listen to the sound of the waves like a melody. Then sit on the shore, looking back at the mountains and ocean along the South Link Line. Sprays on the ocean, clouds in the sky and multiple layers of mountains constitute such an impressive landscape. It is a perfect ending for your trip.