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Offshore Islands

Green Island

Go to Green Island

Take the boat from Fugang Fishery Harbor and swing with the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Climb on the deck to appreciate the vast Pacific Ocean and look for unique marine creatures. The waves between the hull and the ocean look exciting. You will realize how interesting this 18-nautical-mile trip is.

  • Green Island。

    Nanliao Fishery Harbor

    Nanliao Fishery Harbor, the major route to the external world, such as Taitung and Orchid Island (Lanyu). The southern side of Nanliao Fishery Harbor belongs to the coral reef seashore with a wide tidal flat rich in fish resources. It is one of fishers' favorite fishing grounds as well as a good location to appreciate the sunset and overlook the night view of Taitung City.

  • Nanliao Street's shop。

    Nanliao Street

    Along the round-the-island road on Green Island(Lyudao), the most popular Nanliao Street has a large number of distinctive stores. If wanting to taste the unique seaweed dishes and purchase various souvenirs, you can get whatever you want here. Here is for travelers to rest and is also a shopping paradise on Green Island(Lyudao).

  • Landscape of Green Island (Lyudao)。

    Landscape of Green Island (Lyudao)

    The seashore landscape of Green Island(Lyudao) is along the round-the-island road. In the clockwise direction, with sea breeze blowing, you can view all of the landscapes on the island, such as white Green Island(Lyudao) Lighthouse, Green Island(Lyudao) Prison, Human Rights Memorial Park, General Rock, Guanyi Cave, Nioutou Hill Prairie and Haishenping. After a half circle, you get to Jhaorih Hot Spring, a rarely seen undersea hot spring around the world. Change your swimming wear and enjoy this special bath.

  • World-class Diving Sites。

    World-class Diving Sites

    The underwater world of Green Island(Lyudao) is very fascinating. After you put on diving suits, professionals will lead you to experience the fun of underwater snorkeling. There are several ideal diving sites on the island. In addition, you can also take a glass-bottomed boat to appreciate the underwater landscape.

Suggested Itinerary

2-day trip on the east coast


Nanliao Harbor → Green Island Visitor Center → Green Island Lighthouse → Human Rights Memorial Park → Chaikou Snorkeling → Dabaisha → Jhaorih Hot Spring


Green Island Prison → Niutou Mountain → Guanyin Cave → Youzi Lake → Haishengping → Mati Bridge → Duty Free Shop → Nanliao Harbor


Bus service is available on the island. We suggest renting greenvehicles (mainly electric scooters).


Visit Lanyu

Visit Lanyu Located in the Pacific Ocean afar, "Orchid Island(Lanyu)" is the home of flying fish, with unique traditional Tao culture and abundant natural landscape. Stepping on the land of Orchid Island(Lanyu), travelers are experiencing a trip of life and nature, learning how to get along with nature from visiting the mountain and ocean.

  • Landscape of Orchid Island (Lanyu)。

    Landscape of Orchid Island (Lanyu)

    Orchid Island(Lanyu) has a round-the-island road and Jhongheng Road, both connecting tribes on the island, such as Yeyou, Langdao, Dongqing, Yeying, Hongtou and Yuren. They also connect all scenic spots on the island and are travelers' route for visit. Along the round-the-island road in the clockwise direction, there are Dragon Head Rock, Twin Lions Rock, Orchid Island Lighthouse, Dongqing Bay's coast, Yeying's traditional semi-cave houses. They are all worth visiting.

  • Tao culture。

    Tao culture

    The traditional Tao culture on the island is the most fascinating part of Orchid Island(Lanyu). The flying fish season from February to June each year is the most important fishing and hunting activity for the Tao people. During this period of time, it is forbidden to capture demersal fish. This lifestyle is the Tao people's sustainable use of resources. In addition, the millet harvest festival, new boat launch ceremony and new house completion are all their cultural characteristics. Travelers can arrange a tour of exploring Tao culture according to different seasons.

Suggested Itinerary

2-day trip on the east coast


A Kaiyun Harbor → Orchid Island Lighthouse → Five-hole Cave → Beauty Rock → LionCouple Rock → Warship Rock → Lover Cave → Orchid Island Weather Station → Yin-YeOld Tribe


Dongqing Bay Sunrise → Hongtou Tribe → Greenfield Pasture → Dragon's Head Rock →Trunk Rock、Sleeping lion Rock → Badai Bay → Kaiyun Harbor


Bus service is available on the island. We suggest renting vehicles(mainly scooters).