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East Rift Valley

East Rift Valley

The picturesque scenery of mountains and fields

The beautiful East Rift Valley, surrounded by the Central Mountains and Coastal Range, has a unique climate condition that grows quality rice.
Chihshang and Guanshan lunch boxes made of this rice are the favorite food for those who take the train. Rice fields changing with seasons relieve travelers physically and mentally. Paragliding and hot air balloon begin to fly in the sky. Luye Gaotai fulfills travelers dream of flying.

  • Mr. Brown Avenue

    Mr. Brown Avenue

    A small country avenue in Chihshang Township of Taitung County becomes widely popular due to a commercial of Mr. Brown Coffee. It is called a “green road of paradise.” It has vast green rice fields without a wire pole along the roadside. You can truly feel how borderless it is. The avenue has good views for photograph and can bring your mind away from the hustle. Come to experience such pure relief in person.

  • Dapo Lake

    Dapo Lake

    A natural inland wetland rare in Taiwan,Dapo Lake is rich in resources that provide an excellent habitat for birds and fish. Facilities like bike routes,pavilions,fishing area,bird-watching area and greenish garden together make Dapo a beautiful eco-park.

  • Rice County School。

    Rice County School

    Rice County School was transformed from a rice mill and a granary. Visitors can experience rice in different ways:watch,listen to,eat,and play. After viewing the rice husking process,and completing other experiential steps,a"rice diploma" is then issued,and"students" can bring home bottled products. The site also offers other creative activities,such as the Rice Painting DIY and Quality Rice Lunchbox DIY.

  • Wuling Green Tunnel

    Wuling Green Tunnel

    Wuling Green Tunnel is formed with camphor and beefwood trees lining along the provincial highway. The 60-year-old trees and eco-friendly drainage system help make Wuling an excellent resort for an ecotour. For in-depth understanding of Luye Gaotai plateau,Fulu Tea and the Green Tunnel,visitor groups can arrange a guide with Luliao Guide Service Team in advance.

  • Experience in Luye

    Experience in Luye

    Luye has the famous Fulu Tea and can fulfill travelers' dream of flying. In summer, paragliding and hot air balloons from abroad gather in Luye Gaotai, a place to make travelers' dream come true. The beautiful Longtian Village was the "immigrant village" during the Japanese colonial era. Remember to rent a bicycle here. Someone will explain the history and ecology of Longtian Village for you. In the south, "Hongye Little League Museum" records Taiwan's baseball dream and "Bunun Tribe" displays Bunun culture and tradition. They are worth a visit.

  • The charming sea of flowers in winter

    The charming sea of flowers in winter

    Every year, the sea of flowers attracts numerous tourists. Starting from the farmers’ associations, people create the sea of flowers in different patterns, which are small scale yet still pretty to look upon. Along the way, you can also see alternating patches of blooming rapeseed flowers and garden cosmos flowers. The Valley at this time looks like a garden of nature, providing tourist with a truly pleasing scene.