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East Coastline


Provincial Highway 11, the most beautiful coastline in Taiwan

Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean and features different characteristic coastlines. The coastline of Provincial Highway 11, in particular, transcends others with its primitive, natural and beautiful scenery. Some people say that the Provincial Highway 11 in eastern Taiwan has the most beautiful coastline all over the nation.
Whether travelers go to Taitung from the South-Link Highway or go to the East Coast from the north, they all feel amazed by the high and lofty mountains in the East Coast when seeing the ocean in front. Indigo sea surface, towering cliffs and majestic ocean constitute a breathtaking scene.

  • Special landscape of the East Coast。

    Special landscape of the East Coast

    East Coast is a piece of land formed after the collision of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, thus having ocean-erosion ditch, concave wall, sea stack, tofu rock, headland, columnar volcanic rock, honeycomb rock and coastal coral reefs. It is a natural geological classroom. For those who are interested in nature, intertidal zone and geology, they can visit many sites, such as Siaoyeliou, Shihyusan (Stone Umbrella) Sansiantai (Terrace of the three Immortals) and Wushibi Fishery Harbor.

  • Jialulan Recreation Area。

    Jialulan Recreation Area

    Jialulan Recreation Area is near the 157.7km point of No.11 Provincial Highway. Here is not far from Siaoyeliou Scenic Area. Formerly as the waste soil site when the air force constructed Jhihhang base airport, it was planned by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration and later developed in ecological engineering methods. Now it has become a quite popular recreation area. Its annually held handicraft marketplace also receives a fervent response. No wonder Jialulan Recreation Area has become both a natural and artistic coast.

  • Water Flowing Upwards。

    Water Flowing Upwards

    Around Dulan Fishing Bridge and halfway up the hill, visitors could see a stone with inscriptions of "Qiguan" (A Spectacular View) in red, standing alongside the road. A narrow ditch lies next to the stone and water in the ditch runs upwards against gravity. The site is a famous amazement that always attracts the passersby. In fact, the tilting angle of roadside landscape larger than that of the road surface is the secret behind the illusion.

  • Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park

    Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park

    The obsolete Sintung Sugar Factory in Dulan Village was revived when a group of art workers moved in. The deserted plants were transformed into studios and showrooms and frequent exhibitions are held. The dormitories were turned into B&B,the warehouse into a characteristic handicraft shop,and the old office into a coffee house. On Saturday nights,live concerts and dances are often presented by local and groups from Thailand,South Korea,Indonesia,Malaysia and Japan.

  • Jinzun


    On the south side of Donghe Village is an island parallel to the seashore of Jinzun fish port. The unique landform leads to the formation of circling waves,which accumulated sand enough to connect the island with the seashore. The form is known as tombolo. The anchor-shape rocks there are marvelous. This is the only tombolo in Taiwan that continues to grow. The magnificent view of azure sky and white splashes at Jinzunlulian,in the day or at night,is well renowned.

  • Taitung Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

    Donghe Bridge Scenic Area

    Donghe Bridge stretches over Mawuku Creek. There are actually two bridges: an old bridge and a new bridge. It is noteworthy that the two ends of the old bridge bear different designs due to the geological condition.