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Taitung City Loop Bike Lane

Tuesday: Open 24 hours a day



Along the old railroad from Old Railway Artist Village to New Taitung Station now is a wooden footway. It is one of the most important recreation pedestrian area for residents of Taitung City,and is a biking lane of beautiful scenes. The beautiful murals on the external walls of residence along the way are seemingly telling stories to bike riders. Riders can rest at those stylistic chairs on the footway. When the breeze comes,plants swing,riders watch the elders exercising and dogs strolling,it is like appreciating a countryside landscape painting. Inside the Taitung Forest Park,there is a black forest bike lane surrounding the lake. Most of the bike routes are paved with asphalt. The wide and level roads are very suitable for families’ biking and scene-viewing. One may start from the entrance of forest park,through nursery gardens,green forests,and reach the quiet Pipa Lake. There are huts by the lake for bird-watching. This route is also known as Taitung Mountain/Ocean Biking Lane,because it covers beautiful mountain and marine scenic spots of Taitung as well as the indigenous cultures. The total length of this route is 21 km long. Linked with other biking lanes and tourist spots,the route forms a biking network that goes around Taitung City.



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