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Taitung City Loop Bike Lane

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Along the old railroad from Old Railway Artist Village to New Taitung Station now is a wooden footway. It is one of the most important recreation pedestrian area for residents of Taitung City,and is a biking lane of beautiful scenes. The beautiful murals on the external walls of residence along the way are seemingly telling stories to bike riders. Riders can rest at those stylistic chairs on the footway. When the breeze comes,plants swing,riders watch the elders exercising and dogs strolling,it is like appreciating a countryside landscape painting. Inside the Taitung Forest Park,there is a black forest bike lane surrounding the lake. Most of the bike routes are paved with asphalt. The wide and level roads are very suitable for families’ biking and scene-viewing. One may start from the entrance of forest park,through nursery gardens,green forests,and reach the quiet Pipa Lake. There are huts by the lake for bird-watching. This route is also known as Taitung Mountain/Ocean Biking Lane,because it covers beautiful mountain and marine scenic spots of Taitung as well as the indigenous cultures. The total length of this route is 21 km long. Linked with other biking lanes and tourist spots,the route forms a biking network that goes around Taitung City.



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  • 38Thomas


    Traveler type:


    Lovely, scenic road - easy ride, but some places not well marked

    Traveler rating:5 2016-12

    This easy (no hill) 20k route takes you through a variety of lovely scenery - through the restored gardens along the coast, the old railway, rice fields and gardens, and finally an elevated path along the levee. Really gorgeous and constantly changing scenery, all with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop. We liked it so much, we did it twice! The only drawback is that the path is occasionally not that well marked, especially on parts where it crosses large roads. If you follow the road marked with the green line, you may end up on a different bike path, which in a worst case, means that you end up cutting the route short. That just means you have to loop back to make sure to see the parts you missed the first time. Also, it's easy to do a small part instead of the full 20k. Most people seem to stay in the part along the beach. It might get hot or mosquitoey during the summer. Preparing some drinks and a snack would be a good idea.
  • Juanma F

    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

    Traveler type:


    Great bike way

    Traveler rating:5 2016-10

    The lenght of the way is more than 20 kms. The first third of it you go by the old railway in a nice wooden path. Then you go outside the city around some fields until reaching the river. After some kms the way ends by the ocean and then strolls around the fantastic forest park. Finally pass by the Sea park and again to the old railway station.
  • yycheng1

    Shanghai, China

    Traveler type:


    Lovely morning cycle

    Traveler rating:5 2016-08

    A nice and manageable 21k ride around Taitung. We went just after Typhoon Nepartak so areas were covered in fallen trees and debris. Despite this, it was still a beautiful ride to complete early in the morning. As mentioned in a post below, you start at the railway museum and simply follow the green line. It's a little faded in places but easy to find with a little exploring.
  • Shabanzoo

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    Great city for bikes

    Traveler rating:4 2015-06

    Great city for bikes, The parks link up one way or another if you look at a map so you dont only have to do the circle around the city. Forest park, brought us out to the ocean... a large yellow metal semi-gate is kinda a notice that you are leaving one park for another. Since you are reading this some tips about Taitung in general: The bus system is irregular... you can get stuck at a tourist spot for 2 hours sometimes even longer if you dont plan carefully and or miss the next bus. So get to the bus stop 20 minutes ahead of scheduled time. The bus doesn't stop and wait.. if no one is at the bus stop they just keep on trucking if no one is getting off. Taitung is one of the only cities in Taiwan that the railway station is NOT located in the center of the city... so note this if you are booking a hotel! Food choices are scarce by the railway: an Italian place / familymart and some kind of potato store were around. In fact food places in Taitung were a bit scarce too I dont know where these people eat I assume they all eat at home? There is a Carefour, with a sushi place but I would not eat there: there was a fly stuck underneath one of the plastic dishes of sashimi, and it made about 4 complete trips without anyone ever doing anything about it. Gross! They dont get many customers and the fish had that pasty after taste of possible chemicals used to keep the fish selluble longer. There is a night market but its small and closes at 10:30pm.
  • FBFranz71

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    A breeze and some

    Traveler rating:5

    The scenic ride is a must do. The ride is fairly easy ..we did it in the fixed gear bikes provided by the hotel. If you need to rent a bike..there are a few shops in town that'll cater to you but be warned. .its a sleepy town and many businesses don't open till past 11am. There is one shop that opens earlier by the seashore park towards the southern end. The bike path goes thru the seashore park, forest park on to the bund ,the baseball stadium, residential back lanes, the old rail tracks leading to town and finally back to the seashore park. Total distance is a manageable 21+km. There are certain areas you will need to pay attention to connect back on to the bike path. Watch out for the green line painted on the right. Enjoy the ride and don't rush.

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