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Duoliang Station

Wednesday: 07:00 - 18:00



Built on the side of a mountain based on a multi-level station design, Visitors can now stand on the roof of the former station to gaze at the Pacific for oceanic views (perhaps of the sunrise) or to do some trainspotting.  You will find the entrance to Duoliang at highway marker 400.5km on Provincial Highway 9 heading south from Taitung, which will lead you up the hill and make a right for the viewing platform.  You will see the distinctive red platform barriers on the former station platform and the newly built seacliff railway bridge.  This is a spot for many a great photo by visitors and railway buffs alike, who capture the distinctive flavor of the south eastern shoreline along with trains entering and leaving the bridge and tunnel.  

The viewing deck is open to visitors from 7am to 6pm daily, with a cover charge of NT$10 to cover the costs of groundskeeping. As you're visiting a location with an active railway, please do not attempt to get to and cross the tracks for the station platform for your own safety as trains will be speeding past at near full speeds frequently.



  • Observation Deck