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Shimen-Changbin Bicycle Trail

Wednesday: 00:00 – 23:59



The Shimen-Changbin Bicycle Trail is built alongside Highway 11. Starting from Shimendong(Shimen Cave) of Fongbin Township,Hwalien County,stretching over Shihtiping Scenic Area and Lano Tribe,and ending at 88km of Highway 11,this 27km-long bicycle trail is accompanied by green coastal range and blue Pacific Ocean. On the way there are famous scenic spots like Changhong Bridge,the Tropic of Cancer and Basiandong (Basian Cave,a visit is recommended). Since the riding distance is relatively long,riding in sections is highly recommended so that riders could fully enjoy each beautiful scenic spot en route. Several wooden scenic pavilions are available to offer scenic views alongside the seashore. Tourists and riders could rest there and enjoy the natural beauty.



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