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Lanyu Lighthouse

Saturday: 00:00 – 23:59



Lanyu has two lighthouses, one old and one new. The old lighthouse is located at Kaiyuan Fishing Harbor. Although abandoned for a long time, after guardrails were added in recent years, it can be easily reached by following the trail. The petite tower makes it a popular photo spot. The new lighthouse is located on the top of the hills in northwest Lanyu and it is the lighthouse with the highest altitude in all of Taiwan.

The path to Lanyu Lighthouse is hidden behind the round-island highway, and the entrance is easily missed. The path is bumpy and narrow, with Chinese silvergrass as tall as people grown on both sides. As the ride can be very challenging, there are warning signs at the entrance: "Cars and motorcycles, do not enter." You can visit on foot at your own risk.

On the way to the top, a random glance around will give you magnificent scenery of mountains and sea. Fields, roads, blue sky, and mountains form the picturesque landscape like a painting created by God. As the altitude increases, the road and the people and vehicles walking on it get smaller and smaller, and finally become small dots like miniature models. Seeing the clear coastline, your sweat from the hike will be wiped away by the wind along with all the troubles and worries in life.



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