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Warship Rock and Lover Cave

Thursday: 00:00 – 23:59



Interesting ecology and versatile landforms,caused by volcanic activities,can be found in Lanyu,such as lava columns,marine erosions,ridges over 300 m above sea level,and layers of calla fields. Lanyu is indeed nature's treasury filled with geological and ecological features different from what are found in the main island of Taiwan. Along the highway,visitors could see strange looking rocks in form of different items,including Dragon's Head Rock,Elephant's Trunck Rock,Helmet Rock,Mantou Rock (Steamed Bun Rock),Hongtou Rock (Red Head Rock),Beauty Rock,Hutou Rock (Tiger's head Rock) and Junjian Rock (Warship Rock). There are also spectacular sea caves and marine arches such as Lovers Cave and Five-hole Cave. These naturally formed land features are well annotated with fair tales and vividly described names.



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