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Dongqing Bay

Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59



Dongqing Bay is located in eastern Orchid Island as the largest bay terrain on the island. The entire bay starts from the front of Dongqing Tribe in the north and extends for about half a kilometer to the south, making it narrow-shaped. The Dongqing Bay is commonly referred to where many traditional Tao fishing boats are parked is the natural harbor surrounded by reefs in front of Dongqing Tribe, also known as Dongqing Harbor. It is the Dongqing Bay we speak of here.

At Dongqing Bay, traditional Tao tatala kayaks can often be seen parked at the shore. These boats are made by combining pieces of wood, rather than carved from a single large piece of wood. At sunrise, people are often seen waiting for the sunrise at Dongqing Bay. With the blue harbor and the fishing boats at the shore as the background, plus the ever-changing clouds at sunrise, this place is known as the most representative of Orchid Island.

The traditional Tao fishing boats play a very important role in the Tao culture. As a result, there are many taboos about them, such as that women are not allowed close contact with the boats, and outsiders are not allowed to touch them or take pictures of them. These taboos have gradually loosened with the development of tourism. In fact, some tourism operators have begun to offer fishing boat rides to tourists in recent years. Please inquire about the local operators if interested. Still, be sure not to touch the boats without permission.



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