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Sanzhuku Recreation Farm



Sanzhuku is located between Putou Mountain and Wenbifeng in Nansin Village,Dawu Township. The pioneer farmers found boars here playing in mud and thus called it "Boars Cave" (Sanzhuku). The 385-hectare area was then developed into a recreation farm as seen today. Visitors could enter the recreation farm from Nansing Village or Shianwu. The area is enriched with ecological resources: one-hundred-yearold bishopwood,one-thousand-year-old banyan trees and many rare plants. The farm is divided into ecological zones,including the river zone,firefly zone,beetle zone,the forest trails,cultural and art garden,and moth orchid conservation area. The local residents are mostly farmers. Bed-and-breakfast inns here often hold fruit-picking events for plum,olive,lychee,sugar apple and pomelo,depending the season and harvest. Farm life events like boar feeding,tadpole catching,and fishing are also hosted. Visitors could enter the recreation farm from Shianwu Village via Provincial Highway No.9 southward from Taitung City,or northward from Fenggang. Or,enter from the entrance of Nansing Village.



  • Payphone
  • Parking
  • Public toilets
  • Observation Deck