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Natural History Museum



Taitung County Nature History Museum collects and displays marine biological samples from the east coast of Taiwan, mostly shellfish and mineral stones. The museum collaborates with educational institutes and accepts visits by advanced appointments. The first floor is a research archive room that provides materials and books for academic research needs as well as holds special exhibitions. The second floor is the shellfish exhibition hall where over 500 shellfishes from east coast are displayed. Guided services are available at information desk. The third floor contains collections of minerals, where beautiful rocks and jades are kept as a record of the earth's plate movement. The museum's mission is to provide both educational and leisure purposes through its earthy collections, teaching its visitors of the unique culture, geography, and lifestyle of Chenggong Township.



  • Visitor Center
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Parking
  • Public toilets
  • Bus station
  • Commentary briefing
  • Network