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Taiyuan Valley

Friday: 00:00 – 23:59



Dongfu Highway is the major road connecting Donghe Township and Fuli Township of Hualien County. The Provincial Highway No. 23 next to the Donghe Bridge is the demarcation line between the blue ocean and the green mountain range. The land between Dengsian Gorge and Taiyuan Village is the only close-end basin on the east coast,known as Taiyuan Valley. Around Dengsian Bridge are steep cliffs,and behind the cliffs is a broad space where Taiyuan Village is hidden. Much like a gem shining in a secluded valley,Taiyuan has a population of wild Formosan rock monkeys as well as abundant produces of pomelos,pefruits,Valencia oranges and tankans. Recreational farms and fruit farms are available here.



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