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Donghe Bridge Scenic Area

Friday: 00:00 – 23:59



Donghe Bridge stretches over Mawuku Creek. There are actually two bridges: an old bridge and a new bridge. It is noteworthy that the two ends of the old bridge bear different designs due to the geological condition. The northern shore is made of tough limestone (aka white Kingstone) and thus the northern end of the bridge was built with arched piers,while the southern end was merely supported with frames,because the foundation was laid on a soft sedimentary at the southern shore. This truly demonstrates the architect’s skillful design fitting with the local geography. The old bridge is now only open to pedestrians. Vehicles can only take the new red bridge. When walking on the old bridge,please do not forget to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful white limestone underneath the bridge. While the green creek continues to flow,the red bridge on the opposite forms a picturesque view with the creek water,the ocean,and the blue sky.



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