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Liyu (Carp) Mountain Park

Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59



Shaped like a carp,Liyu (carp) Mountain is an isolated 75-meter-high hill on Taitung Plain. Despite the insignificant altitude,it offers a great view overlooking downtown Taitung City. The thick woods make it the largest green space in the City. It is a popular place for morning exercise for locals,who stretch and do moves on welldeveloped trails at the back. At the foot of the hill,the Liyu Mountain Park,Dragon-Phoenix Temple,Dragon-Phoenix Pagoda,and the Martyrs' Shrine are attractions of this 22-hectare scenic area. The 8-story octagonal pagoda is a distinctive landmark of Liyu Mountain. Slat coffins and relics of the Neolithic Beinan Culture,discovered when the Pagoda was built,are displayed in the pagoda.



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