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National Museum of Prehistory



The first national museum in eastern Taiwan, National Museum of Prehistory, originated from the discovery of the prehistoric Beinan (Peinan) Site. The museum has world-class architectural design and rich exhibits. In the outdoor area, the Moai statues and the lawn are very popular among visitors.
The permanent exhibitions are divided into three main halls: Taiwan Prehistory Hall is where archaeological discoveries over the past century are presented. You will be guided through exploring Taiwan's prehistory. At the Austronesian Hall, Austronesian cultures and their interaction with world history are introduced from the perspective of Austronesian peoples. At Taiwan Natural History Hall, Taiwan's natural history is presented through three exhibition rooms: Birth, Ice Age, and New Era.
The Exploration Center is equipped with a full range of hardware and software. There are also indigenous art works on display. This is a public facility where illustrations, games, and displays are combined to guide parents and children to learn about prehistory and indigenous culture together.
National Museum of Prehistory is a must-visit attraction in Taitung. The artifacts unearthed from archaeological sites are combined with creative works to address contemporary issues. Integrating cultural relics with modern life can bring them closer to the public.
In particular, the zoo-anthropomorphic jade earring is loved by children for its adorable design, helping them learn more about Taiwan's prehistory.



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