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Taitung Tourism Night Market(Snack Street and Fruit Street)

Wednesday: Break time



One must not miss the characteristic snacks and seasonal fruits in Taitung City. In the early days, most popular snack stands were scattered along Baosang Road, Fujian Road, Guangming Road and Jhengci Road. Delicacies such as the bean noodle with duck meat, rice cake and stinky tofu are found in the neighborhood of Taitung Commercial College and Matsu Temple. Situated at the intersection of Zhengqi Road and Zhongshan Road, this is Taidong’s oldest and largest designated “fruit street.” With high quality sweetsop, jackfruit, loquat, pineapples, valencia, tankan, and shaddock, at reasonable prices it is where many visitors buy the fruits of the season.

By day it’s “Fruit street” and then, by night, it transforms into a tourist night market which has a wide variety of local snacks that will set visitors’ taste buds singing.



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