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Xinliang Wetlands

Wednesday: 00:00 – 23:59



Located in Luye Township, Taitung County, Xinliang Constructed Wetlands is a new waterfront park in the Luye area. In Luye Township, Taitung County, to solve the wastewater problem of pig farmers and residences of Ruilong and Ruiyuan villages, the county government built the Xinliang Constructed Wetlands on the land reemerging from the river changing its course at the junction of Beinan River and Luliao River.

The park is divided into four areas, each of which is planted with aquatic plants such as victorias (giant waterlily), large-flowered waterweeds, and waterlilies. Through the circulation of air, plants, soil, and microorganisms, the wastewater in the upstream area is filtered and purified in the most natural way, before being discharged into the Beinan River. It not only solves the problem of wastewater, but also creates an ecological landscape full of environmental education opportunities.

The wetlands are now home to a variety of wild birds, amphibians, fish, and shellfish, whereas the renovated waterfront park is now better equipped making it even more comprehensive. Along with the nearby Ercengping Moon World and its Liji mudstone landscape, the unique terrain and ecology around the man-made wetlands has made it a new tourist attraction.



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