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Chihshang Floating Dam

Monday: 00:00 – 23:59



One of those scenes proud of by local inhabitants in Chihshang Township,famous for rice of excellent quality,is green rice field with quiet countryside life. Riding a bike in breeze through winding paths in the countryside is probably one of the best enjoyments for tourists and riders. Chihshang Township has a specially designed bike lane linking the scenic spots nearby. Riders may choose to start from Fongtze Bridge at Chihshang Dapo Pond,and ride over Duyuan,Big Water Wheel,Floating Dam and Daguanlou. If you can do more,you may ride on the branch line to Mr. Brown Avenue,Chiu’s House Fault,and then return to Dapo Pond. Or you may choose to depart from Daguanlou at the Floating Dam to Wanan Community. During this trip,you will pass Rice Village Museum and Wanan Elementary School and further turn to Wanan brick kiln and Formosa Acacia forest. The total length is about 8 km and several bike routes are available upon riders’preference. All of them provide pleasant experiences of traveling in the East Rift Valley.



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