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Dawu Keteleeria Nature Preservation Area

Saturday: 24小時營業



Dawushan Nature Preservation Area is massive,partially consisted of mountains of Daren Township. In Sinhua,the tribe of high altitude,there is a Taiwan Keteleeria Preservation Park with trees over a thousand years old. Taiwan Keteleeria is an exclusive species that can be dated back to Ice Age. The oldest tree is estimated to be more than one thousand years old and regarded as Divine Tree by the Paiwans. Now the trees are only found in Pinling area in northern Taiwan and Dawushan area in the south. Taiwan Keteleeria is known as one of the four precious trees of Taiwan,together with Taitung cycad,Taiwan suihuashan (Amentotaxus formosana Li) and Taiwan Date Palm (Phoenix hanceana Naudin). It is now an endangered plant protected by law. Visitors can enter Sinhua tribe via Dawu to the direction of Duhsuantien Temple. An entrance permit from Taitung Forest District Office must be obtained in advance. The walk takes almost 3 hours before reaching Taiwan Keteleeria Reservation Park. This journey may seem time-consuming,but indeed rewarding.



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