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Jinshueiying National Trail



The Jinshueiying old trail goes across the southern section of the Central Mountains. It begins from Fanliao Township of Pintung in the west to Dawu Township of Taitung in the east, with a total length of 47 kilometers. The Jinshueiying National Trail is the eastern part of the old trail. It is rich in forest and vegetation ecologies, having around 700 species of plants. It is surrounded by Jinshueiying broadleaved protection area, Dawu Taiwan Amentotaxus Nature Reserve and Dawu Taiwan Keteleeria Nature Reserve. It is a treasure of plants in southern Taiwan. This area has 80 species of birds, 18 species of amphibians and 80 species of butterflies. In the forest, butterflies fly everywhere. The famous butterfly valley is hidden near the remains of suspension bridge. Over-winter purple crow butterflies can be seen in winter. “Jinshueiying Major Wildlife Habitat” lies farther, where you can find the home of pangolin and occasionally see macaques and wild boars.



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