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Nantian Coastal Park

Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59



Nantian Coastal Park is located in between Upper and Lower Nantian in Daren Township. 100-200 meters past where the Provincial Highway No. 26 splits off from Provincial Highway No. 9, you will see a grand view of the Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see. Here you can observe the Pacific Ocean’s everchanging beauty. You will find glossy black quartz with white veins all along the coast of the park called Nantian stone. The smooth shiny texture and each stone’s unique pattern make Nantian stone a sought-after item among stone collectors.
(Reminder: The removal of Nantian stones from the beach is strictly prohibited by the Taitung County Government. Please enjoy nature and keep Nantian stones where they belong!)

In addition to the Nantian Coast Park, you can also visit Nantian Tribal Village and the Nantian Observation Deck which are within a few minutes’ drive from the Nantian Coast Park. Nantian Tribal Village is a Paiwan tribe settlement located at the southernmost tip of Taitung. Together, the tribal people built a "Book House" as a place for absorbing knowledge and wisdom. The rich Paiwan exterior of the book house has traditional tribal totem patterns, such as Chinese moccasins (also known as the Hundred-Pace Viper) and ladybugs. The Nantian Observation Deck overlooks the Nantian Coastal Park and Nantian Tribal Village. Next to the observation deck, there is the 500-meter-long Daren Township Coastal Bike Trail which take you to reach higher ground in order to catch a better glimpse of the ocean!



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