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Sapulju Tribe



One of the Paiwan tribes, Singsing Village is facing the sea. In Paiwan language, this place is called Sapulju, meaning a lonesome and desolate land. The memorial monument of migration in the village tells the story of Paiwan ancestors, who left their homes in the mountains in order to provide better education and future for their descendants. The Sapulju tribe is made up of 8 chieftains. Each chieftain possesses a large stone inscribed with tribal history, and the strong bonding of the 8 tribes makes Sapulju a large family. With the grants of Community Empowerment Project from CCA, the tribe reestablished a cakal, an assembly for their youth. Cakal was an important site for military and culture purposes in the tribe and now functions as a social area for villagers, as well as a center selling agriculture products.



  • Payphone
  • Public toilets