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Hongye Teenage Baseball Memorial Hall

Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00



In August 1968,the Hongye Elementary School baseball team set records by winning against the Japanese Little Leagu's Wakayama team,then world champion,with 7:0. The Hongye team was mostly formed by Bunun children from Hongye Village of Yanping Township. That game opened up a new chapter in Taiwan's Little League Baseball participation,and hence Hongye Village became the cradle of little league baseball in Taiwan out of inspiration of the game. In the Hongye Little League Memorial Hall,visitors get a glimpse of how the Hongye team practiced and won the world champion despite the difficult and challenging conditions and shortage of resources. The ground level exhibits photos,baseball equipment,tournament plates and news clipping. The second floor contains farming tools and Bunun ornaments. Next to the memorial hall,in the playground of Hongye Elementary School,is a baseball pitching field for both educational and entertainment purpose.



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