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Yakou, situated at 2,722 m above sea level, is both the highest point of Southern Cross-Island Highway and the divide of east and west ends on this highway. After passing the 615 m long Daguanshan Tunnel at Yakou, visitors will reach Taoyuan Township of Kaohsiung County. Guanshan Yakou is a sightseeing attraction of southern Taiwan. Its pavilions often attract visitors to loiter around despite the low temperature. It is a great place to watch the spectacular mountain views of the ""three stars of Southern Cross-
Island Highway"" : Guanshanlinshan, Taguanshan and Kuhanuosinshan. Visitors come and wait for the sunrise and sea of clouds. The clouds and fogs at Yakou are amazingly ever changing. The snow-white clouds freely drift around hills, and their versatile shapes are a true marvel.



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