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Fantasy Tiehua



After the old Taitung Railway Station in downtown Taitung was replaced by the new station in 2001, it lost its original purpose as a transportation hub. After joint efforts by the County Government and local parties, the area around the old station was successfully transformed into Fantasy Tiehua, a cultural and creative center of Taitung. Walking in Fantasy Tiehua at night is now one of the must-dos in Taitung.
Fantasy Tiehua includes TTstyle, Showtimes Cinema, and Taitung Bus Station. Markets and various art and cultural events are held here, giving Taitung a fun and cultural vibe!
TTstyle is also called the Wavy House. The design concept of waves comes from Taitung's mountains and sea as you can see them as ocean waves as well as mountain peaks. The totems on the pillars below the roof represent the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous ancestors.
The structure of TTstyle is made of 50 containers and rebars. A dozen of indigenous handcraft shops and specialty restaurants are here, making Fantasy Tiehua a new hub of creativity in Taitung.



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  • Bus station
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