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Old Lanyu Lighthouse

Saturday: 00:00 – 23:59



The Old Lanyu Lighthouse is located by Kaiyuan Fishing Harbor. After disembarking the boat, visitors only need to look around to quickly spot it. Standing on a small hill by the port, the lighthouse looks like a garden from a distance. You can reach the lighthouse in less than two minutes by walking up the steps along the recently renovated trail. The hill might not seem high, but you can enjoy the panoramic view of the fishing harbor and the blue sky of Lanyu from this vantage point.

After a new lighthouse was built, the old lighthouse was abandoned for quite some time. The trail was not maintained, and there were no guardrails around the lighthouse. As more and more visitors discovered the beauty of this place, and the old lighthouse gradually became a popular social media photo spot, new guardrails were installed and the lighthouse was repainted. This place is great for photos either when just arriving or leaving Lanyu.



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